Cargo Duffle Take 2 and Socks

I’ve been slowly ‘de-cluttering’ for about a year now; donating books to the library, getting rid of furniture that I don’t love and don’t want to give space to any more, parting with hand-made clothes that I just don’t wear and generally trying to pare down what I have so that it’s things I like and want rather than stuff that’s been around for a while that I don’t even look at. Of course, the house I’ve found to move into is actually bigger than this one so I probably didn’t need to be quite as harsh on the getting rid of stuff, but it feels nice to free myself of some of the weight that possessions feel like sometimes.

Of course, my crafty things have also been subjected to this mindset and I’ve gotten rid of knitting needles, patterns, yarn etc. as I’ve come across things I don’t feel I will use or just don’t like any more. I will sort my fabric when I pack it as there’s no room to do that with the furniture in the room and I still need to find time to list all the vintage patterns that I cleared out over a year ago that are still sitting in bags on the landing, maybe I’ll work on that this summer.

I have been thinking about the projects I have on the go and things that I started with great enthusiasm and then threw aside when the next fun thing came along and I appear to have started my ‘finish everything the hell up’ routine much earlier in the year than I normally do. I have two cardigans and a jumper on the needles along with a lace stole that I’ve not touched in a very long time that I would like to finish sometime soon. I moved the sofa and cleared out behind it and under it the other week and found a crochet blanket that I haven’t worked on or wanted to work on in what must be 3 years. I discovered that I had actually sewn together the blocks I’d finished and that square is the right size for a cushion cover so I’m going to block it and put a back on it and call it a FO, the rest of the yarn returned to my stash for future projects.

In my sewing room I have 3 quilts that need finishing. The first is my Christmas quilt which I started quilting at the end of November and it all went wrong. I now need to unpick about 30 rows of straight line stitching and then pin baste it again and try quilting once more as the backing shifted on the poly batting I picked to use. I’m thinking I may need to spray baste it too so that it doesn’t move again though as that batting is really slidy, or I might just yank the poly batting out and stick in some cotton instead as almost 6 months later I’m still really pissed off with the batting, I’ve never had this issue with cotton batting. I have backing fabric for my Scrap Vomit quilt now and need to check if I have enough batting then that can go together too. Also needing to be done is my Siblings Together Bee quilt which I got all the blocks for in February, it’s all there and just needs for me to sash it and then quilt and bind it. There are also other bits still sitting around from the piles I showed you a few months back and I’d like to get some more of that done too so I don’t lose bits in the move.

I got a EPP book for Christmas and inspired by it I dove into my scrap basket and started sewing stars, feeling slightly guilty that my Hexy MF was sitting there untouched while I worked on something new. A few weeks back I put away the stars and pulled out the flowers, finally finishing up all 72 of them, and got a nice hole in my thumb from sticking the needle into it repeatedly…


I then started sewing them together, and this is how far I am into it:


I’m going to keep working on this and hopefully it will get done in the next month or so. I need to decide on fabric to go behind the flowers on the quilt  and buy it (I have the backing fabric already) and figure out how I’m going to shape it as I don’t want to do the stalks and leaves at the top and bottom like the pattern calls for, I’m thinking some sort of Tetris like effect with some flowers falling away from the bottom, if that makes sense!

I also have my Woodland Sampler to finish off. Why did I work so hard on it and keep up to date until November and then drop the whole thing and not touch it since?? Near that stashed under a chair is the yarn for three animal head cushions that I want to crochet, I got the pattern at the Knitting and Stitching Show and the yarn soon after, crocheted about half a face and then put it down. I hate the crochet hook I bought so maybe if I invest in a better one that doesn’t hurt my hand so much I can get those done too. See what I mean, stuff every damn where!

I did manage to make Piggle his Cargo Tote bag that he’s been asking about ever since I finished Jim’s. He chose the Bungle Jungle fabric that I had left over from the quilt I made his cousin and I added a zip from stash, some Essex Linen and buttons, again from stash. I even used up almost all the scraps of batting I had from previous projects so besides the duck cloth that I bought specifically for the bag this was all already paid for!


This went together easily again, although I did mess up attaching the bottom panels on the sides by getting carried away and quilting them before trying to sew them on so I ended up doing a french seam which was fun with so many layers! I didn’t take a picture of the binding inside as it’s a bit messy, but it’s done with the coordinating polka dot from the fabric collection.


We’re both really pleased with it and it suits his personality at the moment perfectly. It’s nice when something is wanted and then appreciated when it’s done, especially something like a bag that takes a lot of sewing time, much of it tedious quilting!

Another project out of the way is this pair of bamboo socks using Wendy Happy. Just my standard 72 stitch socks on 2.25mm needles. I worked on these while I was doing my research reading as I find it hard to sit still when I don’t need to take notes on every part of a book.


You can never have too many pairs of soft bamboo socks, especially bright pink ones!

So, that’s where my head is with my crafting at the moment, clearing the decks and finishing things off, hopefully I can stick to it. I’ve just given myself a few days to work on a project that wasn’t on the list but I have put that back in its box now and will try not to go back to it until some of these other things are done!


4 thoughts on “Cargo Duffle Take 2 and Socks

  1. Liz M says:

    Love your cargo duffle bag Anna – and nothing like a pair of pink socks to brighten your day 🙂

  2. Mary says:

    Oh wow what a lot of projects, although if I were honest I might find I have as many (although all mine would be sewing projects!). Love the cargo duffel, I’d love to make one (or 3) but musn’t start one now!

  3. Just listing All The Things feels like progress, doesn’t it?
    I had a minor fit of spring cleaning at the weekend and cleared the ironing pile and polished my shoes: little things, but it made such a difference to feel I could wear anything I liked without getting up earlier to iron / clean it!
    I love your pink socks 🙂
    Ahnd the bag is perfect!

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