Bits and Bobs and Bees

So, I’ve been getting on with a few things, making decisions, sorting stuff out and placing a few orders for things I need to finish projects.

After thinking that a good crochet hook for the animal head cushions would be expensive, as it is an 8mm, I discovered that I could get one for £2.70 on Ebay including postage, so I ordered one. Annoyingly I received a 6mm hook today, but they are sending the right one and I get to keep the wrong one which is nice as I don’t have on in that size already, so I guess the mess up is a win for me!

I pulled out the Christmas quilt and started ripping out the quilting, I did about a third of it before I wanted to poke myself in the head with the seam ripper so I’ll return to it periodically until I’m done. I did find a piece of batting in my stash big enough for it so I will swap out the poly one and go with the cotton instead once I’m really to quilt it again.

I also pulled out the top of the Scrap Vomit quilt and decided that it was longer than I wanted it to be. It hung over the end of my bed, and as all our beds have foot boards it just looked a bit silly really. So I removed a row, but not wanting to waste 5 blocks that I’d slaved over I made a quick cushion out of four of them.


I literally just sewed them together, didn’t bother quilting them or adding any batting. I found a pretty much matching pink invisible zip in my basket so I put that on one end and then stuffed in a spare pillow from my cupboard and called it done.


I’m not sure how long it will withstand the boys without having been quilted, but at least I get some benefit from my work and it didn’t cost me anything! Also, the couch is getting a tiny bit full of cushions anyway.


When we move the sofabed will be in the living room too so the cushions can be spread about a little bit and it will become easier to actually use the sofa!

Speaking of cushions, I have blocked the crochet not-blanket, picked fabric for the backing and ordered the cushion inner so I will get on with that one soon too.

I also finally blocked my Vintage Fremont shawl. This one is totally Roo’s fault, her blog often sends me off adding things to my extremely long Ravelry queue, buying indie sewing patterns or casting on for things and within 2 days of seeing her finished shawl I’d made one for myself, it just sat about for a few weeks waiting for blocking.


I am really glad that I took the time to block this as it grew quite a bit and the holes opened up wonderfully, plus the points along the edge seem to be holding their shape which makes me very happy!


I used Yarntopia Treasures Soft Cotton in Jade (odd name as it’s not actually green). I didn’t have as much yardage as the pattern called for and I cut it extremely close, breath holdingly close, I managed to finish it, but just barely!


This was a really fast knit, literally a weekend, and the best kind of knit as it was interesting but not taxing, combine that with the pretty yarn I enjoyed every moment of it.

And finally, today I caught up with my Siblings Together bee blocks. I finally made the block for my month which was February! Now that this is done I can figure out the layout, then get on with the sashing and border.


The Bee is being sponsored by Moda and this fabric is from the Color Me Happy collection.

And this month’s block was good practice for the St Louis 16 patch quilt that I have fabric set aside for.


Two fat quarters make 2 blocks, nice and simple!

I have pulled out the jumper that needs sleeves and have been working on that, although the cat having shed all over it isn’t make it much fun. I’m also almost done with another small shawl so that will be something else off my list. Making progress a little at a time and it feels good!

Hope you are all having a great Easter holiday and getting to spend time doing what you love!


2 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs and Bees

  1. Ooh – your shawl looks lovely in blue! A cotton shawl – I had never thought of that – perfect for summer! NOW who is inspiring others to spend 😉
    I love your quilts – I can’t imagine making one that was too big as I am one of those people who measures after adding every line of squares: are we there yet?!

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