Still Going

So, last time I posted I had just done the very hard 5k that I thought I’d never do and was running four times a week.  Things then got tough again, my legs felt like lead and I didn’t seem to be able to keep going for as long.  I dropped back down to three runs a week but it was still hard and it took me another two weeks before I managed to run 5k again. I think what happened was I increased my distance too fast. I added an entire extra run each week but didn’t drop the distance of any of the other runs and after a couple of weeks my body was just too sore and tired that even enthusiasm couldn’t make it do what I wanted. I went from running 6-8 miles a week to running over 10, which is more than the recommended 10% increase.

I pushed on with three runs a week but I wasn’t feeling it. Then, on my last run before the Easter Holiday, where I was unable to run as my sons were off school, the long time coming fall in the woods happened.

IMG-20140405-00145Not only did I graze a good six inches on the side of my leg and a big patch on my ankle but I also managed to fall into a very deep muddy puddle whilst doing it. At least the timing was ok as I had 11 days off to recover and stop limping before heading out again.

I tried a new place to run, only really somewhere I can go weekends or during holidays as it requires a bit of driving. I managed a 5k PB of 43.31 including 1.8k of it on the beach, with a view like this you tend to forget quite how tired you are (plus the prom is flat!).

IMG-20140418-00152The next week I decided to add in some strength work and did 3 Jillian Michaels DVDs which turned out to be too much to add all at once (same mistake all over again, will I never learn?) so I’ve dropped it down to two a week until I actually have a bit of strength to work with!

I’m running between eight to ten miles a week at the moment. Last week I ran 5k on all my runs, but with the extra workouts the first run of this week became a ‘jog, stop and take picture, jog, stop and take picture’ run rather than a fully run 5k. By Friday I was tired again and my body and mind just couldn’t get to 5k so I stopped at four. I actually stopped to walk on the run as my right foot was hurting more than it had in ages, and once I was walking I realised just how badly I was limping due to calf pain and the sleeping foot so rather than risk really hurting myself I headed for home.

I am bored with all the routes around here, I have tried some new ones which are nice but I don’t want to run the same place every single time and the dullness of it kills my motivation. I want to try to find a plan to move from 5k to 10k. I’d like a run/walk plan that bears in mind I can run a full 5k but isn’t based on time as my 5k time is most people’s 10k time at the moment. I will keep looking and hopefully something will turn up, until then I will keep plodding onwards, it’s better to be out there doing something than sitting on my bum doing nothing!

I’ve run 133.68 miles so far this year which is nothing to scoff at, plus I still want to keep going and to get better so the bug hasn’t left me, I just need to find new ways to work with it.


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