A Fit of Finishing

We move in just under 2 weeks, no boxes yet to start packing so it’s a little stressful and worrying but I will have to get it done, it has to be! At the moment the boys are enthused about it all and very happy to help with cleaning, I’ve never seen anyone as happy to wash skirting boards as they were earlier, hopefully it will last!

I realised that I would be dismantling my sewing room right from the get go as I’m not taking the chest of drawers the patterns are in (it fell apart, was fixed and is now falling apart again) and to get it out I have to take the table down and move other various bits out-of-the-way. That means no sewing after probably Thursday here and goodness knows how long it will be before I have time to put it all back together at the other end. Cue a bout of finishing up everything I can before then!

I finished off the Siblings Together quilt. A post about that will go up on a different blog but I will let you know when it will appear. I also did two small bag projects for my Mother, they didn’t take too long and it means I don’t have to take them with me and have them hanging about waiting to be handed back!

After that lot I moved onto getting the Bee blocks for May done. This is the last month of Siblings Together, I can’t believe it’s been an entire year, it seems to have flown by. This is my final block for that.


Ages ago I signed up for the do. Good Stitches quilting bee which is an international bee made up of different groups in different areas/countries. Each chapter of the bee decides which charities they will be giving to. The English bee had an opening so I was asked if I still wanted to join. We make the blocks for this out of our own stashes in the design the Quilter of the month asks for. This month it was economy blocks which I’d never made before. I really enjoyed doing these and I’m thinking about doing a cushion from them (a whole quilt would be really hard work as there’s lots of trimming and the blocks are only 5″ square when done!). We were asked for purples, turquoise and greys for a teenager and this is what I came up with from my scrap basket.


I hope they’re ok, and I can’t wait to see what June will bring from this bee.

I’ve wanted some new t-shirts so I pulled out the Scout pattern and some knit I got from Boyes and whipped up this one which I really love.


I was pretty happy with the matching of the stripes too, although towards the bottom they go out of synch.

I am almost done with a woven synthetic version of this pattern too. I just need to put the sleeves in but have discovered that I am going to have to gather them which is going to be a real pain as I’m doing french seams with a really slippery fabric, so I put it aside for a little bit and will hopefully get up the enthusiasm to finish it off soon, otherwise it’ll travel in a box sleeveless!

Piggle needed new pyjamas, Jim will be fine with the ones he has for another summer. When I was digging around in the stash for fabric for the Scouts I found some really bright orange knit that I don’t think any of us would wear out of the house! It also had some sun damage to it and faded patches but for pyjamas it was just fine so I pulled out the tracing from Kwik Sew Sewing for Children in his size and got to work.


I bought four colours of striped knit a few years back and have never gotten around to using them so it was nice to see them on something rather than in the basket. I also found the owl appliqué in my stash and stuck it on the front to stop it being so plain. Piggle wasn’t sure about the fabric when he first saw it but is happy with the pyjamas and wore them last night.

A while back I pulled out the last metre and a half pieces of cotton I’d bought for pyjamas. Piggle is now at the size where he really needs 2 metres or yards so I ended up doing short sleeves on these. For some reason I didn’t ever trace the 7-year-old size of Kwik Sew 1556 for Jim so I just added length to the 6-year-old size as these are pretty baggy pyjamas anyway. I gave him an extra two inches on the trousers and the shirt (last year he had an extra inch on just the shirt as he’s got a long body) and he should have some growing room in these.


I did these in a couple of hours sewing both pairs at the same time, nice brainless sewing. I now need to replenish my stash of pyjama fabric as I’m pretty much out for summer and winter. I think I will do knit pyjamas for winter for them as I seem to have quite a bit of that, low priced good quality flannel is so hard to come by over here and the high shipping rates from the States have cut off my usual supply.

So, besides the shirt if I finish it that’s it from this address sewing-wise, I will have to knit, crochet and cross stitch for my crafting fix until I get sorted in the new place! It feels nice to have completed these things and crossed a few things off my list and I’ll have to get my sewing room in some sort of working order so I can do the June bee block.

I won’t have Broadband right away when I move (the broadband and mobile reception where I’m going seems akin to living in a cave under the sea rather than modern day Britain) so I don’t know how long it will be until I can check in again if I don’t before we go. Hopefully it won’t be the months like it was when we moved here!


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