Now Here, Not There


This was what my dining room looked like as it became a storage room when I was packing up the old house, literally a small path was left to the front door by the time I was done! The move went well, despite the movers getting lost on the way to the house, and we’re now all settled in the new place. I think I might have set a record by unpacking the entire place in 6 days, goodness knows it took me most of the next week to recover from it!

The final room to get done was the sewing room which looked like this at the start


It took a bit of furniture shuffling and moving bits about but I finally got it into a useable state and it’s now much nicer and waiting for me to spend a lot of time in it.


There is still a bit to be done as you can see from the stack of Ikea bags holding my fabric stash. I need an Ikea trip for a set of metal shelves and a new wheel for my chair which the movers lost somewhere along the way. They also managed to go back with the glass shelves for the china cabinet which is going to hold my yarn. My goal is to try to work my yarn stash down to where it all fits in just that cabinet and I can get rid of the striped chest of drawers, it’s going to take a while but I am ready for the challenge!


Hopefully within a fortnight I can show you it all done, if they ever send the shelves which I’ve rung them three times about now and keep being promised will be sent right away. I’m not sure all the fabric will fit on one set of shelves but that’s all I have room for at the moment, so maybe that’s a fabric stash challenge, to get it all on the shelves!

I have managed to make something already in the room whilst balancing on the chair so it didn’t tip over. Another Scout T-shirt, this time using up a synthetic stretch fabric that I made a dress from a few years back. I used FOE on the neckline of this and it went on first time without me having to rip any parts out to re-do them, I hope that’s a sign that the sewing in this room will be easy and good!


I have another t-shirt cut out and ready to go and I need to get my do. Good Stitches blocks for this month done as well now that I can find the fabric for them! I also pulled out several pieces of fabric and a stack of patterns while I was sorting things that I’d like to try to match up at some point, although tops are a priority at the moment as my t-shirt drawer needs a bit of an update.

I knew that the old house had a lot of things that bugged me but I didn’t realise quite how much it really pissed me off constantly; it was very damp, too small, the windows were rubbish, the kitchen had been designed by a man who didn’t cook, the sewing room was stupidly tiny, the carpets were rubbish, there was no garden and generally I was just ready to be out of there. The relief of living in a house without any of those problems and plenty of kitchen cupboards and counter space alone is amazing and I just feel so much better for being away from there. Hopefully things will go well for us here, I’m already worrying about snow in the winter as we’re down a very small hilly road, but it’s worth it for the views, the new places to run and a house that already feels like home.


4 thoughts on “Now Here, Not There

  1. Hooray! Welcome to your new home! How exciting to start again in a happy new place 🙂
    That is a formidable stash you have there – good luck with that too!

  2. Well it sounds like the move was what you needed and no regrets. We have moved but I really miss my old home. It’s great you have already christened your sewing room. Moving is the pits.

  3. Liz M says:

    Welcome to your new home – the snow is only ever here for a few days, but you’ll enjoy your new house for the whole of the year!
    I love that you got your sewing room sorted first – good to see you get your priorities sorted 😉

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