Summer Again!

I’m happy to have the summer holidays roll around again, I love having the boys home and now that we’re somewhere new we have a lot of new places to explore! I also have a huge mental list of all the sewing, knitting, crochet, cross stitch etc. projects that I would like to get done before September, totally impossible unless I never do anything except make stuff but it’s nice to have the time to work on things and not feel guilty that I should be doing my research (I work extra hours during term time so I can take the holidays off with the boys).

I got off to a good start finishing up my Lady Kina cardigan that I have been working on whilst doing research reading. I hate just sitting there waiting to find something to underline or to take notes on so I have a simple knitting project on my desk all the time. It has to be garter or stocking stitch, even ribbing is too distracting as I can’t count and read at the same time! I used 12 balls of Rowan Cotton Jeans for this which I bought from Kemps, I don’t know if this colourway was in the 99p a ball batch that I bought (I have 2 more colourways in my stash) or in the first reduced batch but it wasn’t very expensive that’s for sure. The colourway is called Sailcloth, but it’s more trees and wood to me.


It’s very simply knit from the top down, the yoke is the hardest bit as there are a ton of stitches, but once you’re past that and have taken the sleeves off it’s easy going. The button is from my stash, it’s a bit of wood which I think goes really well with this and it was nice to finally be able to use it! I used all the yarn I had for this, I had to unpick the cast off and one row as I ran out of yarn 16 stitches from finishing which was a bit annoying, and with it being knit all in one piece there weren’t any leftover bits to finish off with! I really like this cardigan, the colours are lovely and it’s got a nice weight to it so I’m looking forward to wearing it.

I also finished up a Poolside Tote from the Noodlehead pattern. I’ve been waiting for this one to come out as I wanted a nice big bag for our summer days out. I always end up carrying everything we might need; drinks, suntan lotion, rain coats, jumpers, sticks and pinecones the boys pick up, maps, brochures, camera, lunch etc etc etc! I used some Essex Linen and the remainder of the tree print I bought to back the first Siblings Together quilt I made. I had to do a seam down the middle of the lining pieces as I only had long strips of fabric but I don’t think it’s that noticeable.


I’ve had these metal zips for ages and hardly ever use them (I got a ton from someone clearing out their stash) so it was nice to see them on something. I used duck cloth in the middle of the handles to make them a little bit more substantial, but I think they’re actually a bit too thick now so I probably should have used two layers of interfacing instead. The bag holds its shape from the stiff interfacing, and I used a thinner one on the lining too, but it doesn’t stand up on its own. This was a pretty easy pattern to follow, a lot of prep though and lots of basting stitches to pick out at the end, but beyond that it was fun to make.


I added a zipped inside pocket as I like to know that my purse is nice and safe and hidden away rather than floating around in the bag. If I’ve zipped it in the pocket I can feel it from the outside and don’t do the ‘purse panic’ over and over again! This bag is a great size, we won’t use it for swimming as I don’t like swimming so the boys go with their Dad, but for days out it is great and we used it earlier this week for one such day. It’ll also be great for shopping days as there’s tons of space to stick purchases in, I had a small bathroom peddle bin in this bag while we looked at a few more shops!

The sewing room is now finished and all the fabric and yarn is put away, I will try and remember to take pictures soon. I discovered that it wasn’t my imagination, I am running low on cottons and I really need to find somewhere with good prices and nice prints for a re-stock! There aren’t any fabric shops around here that I’ve found though so I will have to keep searching and hope one turns up.


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