Sad That Summer’s Over

I’ve been trying to write this post for over a week now, I came into my office this morning intending to finish it off and instead have ordered 2 cardigan’s worth of Sirdar Simply Recycled DK from Kemps sale pages (£1.39 a ball and free postage!) and generally mucked about online. Anyway, I’m fed up with not having this done so I will postpone my Research for another half our and finish!


We had a really busy but fun summer getting up to all sorts of things in our new locale, I was really sad when school rolled around again which isn’t like me at all as I love school (luckily both the boys do too), but I just didn’t want the summer to end.

As far as crafting goes, I did manage to get a few things checked off my list. First up was the Who Me? Cardigan from Knitscene. This took me almost a year to make, not because I didn’t like it or the yarn, but because in my enthusiasm to cast on for it once I found yarn to use I overlooked the fact that the whole bloody thing is ribbing, which gets incredibly tedious very fast.


I used Sirdar Simply Recycled Aran in Terracotta that I got from Kemps for 99p a ball. I’m not so sure about the colour now, I haven’t really found anything to wear it with yet. The buttons are from my seemingly never ending wooden button stash, I used a few less than the pattern called for as they seemed too close together to me with the full amount. Also, the pocket placement bothers me, I feel like they should have been further towards the side seams (I followed the pattern), hopefully I’ll stop noticing that soon though!

Next up was the Scrap Vomit Quilt which I’d also been working on for over a year. Probably going totally against the idea of this being a quilt to use up scraps from your stash, I actually had to buy in a few scrap bundles from various places as I didn’t have enough variety.


I used Kona Cerise and I can’t remember the name of the black I used, but anyway, it was Kona! It was during the making of this quilt that I realised that I needed to stop pushing the fabric up against the 1/4 inch foot and instead just use it as a guide as my blocks weren’t coming out the right size, which means that a lot of my squares aren’t actually square! Anyway, it’s so busy that you can’t really tell.


So, you can see it’s the perfect size to top a double bed after removing a row from the length. Looking at the quilt after making it I learnt that my ‘random’ will never actually be random as my brain will not allow pictures to be upside down, which I guess makes it easy to see which way is the top of this quilt even if you don’t really need a top or bottom!


The backing is the much used in blogland Ikea fabric. I ran it sideways as otherwise I would have ended up with lots of offcuts from it as it’s really wide, plus this way it only used 3m which left me with another 3m for future use. I stippled the quilt using the variegated black/grey/white Aurifil in 50wt I have in my thread stash.


The binding is from my stash and is machine sewn, as are all my bindings. I love this quilt lots and lots and I’m so glad that I finally finished it! I actually have another quilt finish to show you as soon as I get some pictures of it!

Next up


Another dishcloth made whilst waiting for the boys to do things or in cafes on holiday for coffee to arrive. This is double moss stitch using Lang Yarns Tissa in colourway 2609 that I got from the Knitting and Stitching Show last year. I’ve cast on for another dishcloth and I carry it around with me as I’m finding it’s a great way tot get them done and to not be bored when I have to wait!


I made these 3 Kwik Sew Sewing for Children t-shirts for Piggle when I noticed that he had grown out of the last lot. All of these used up the final bits of these fabrics, I’m sad that he’s getting so big now that I can’t use up all the really small bits so I’ve been going through the stash pulling out what needs to be used before there’s not enough fabric to make anything!

Almost time for the winter pyjama parade to begin, I’ve pulled fabrics and have a plan so I just need to get sewing.

Talking of the stash, it is finally back on shelves again


I was surprised to see that I don’t actually have as much as I thought I did, I was sure that these two sets of Ikea shelves wouldn’t hold it all but they easily do. I found out too that the reason I can never find a cotton I want to work with is that my cotton stash is desperately low so I will need to find somewhere to stock up on some at some point.

Next to the shelves is the china cabinet that has been re-purposed as a yarn cabinet.


My goal is to get my yarn stash to all fit inside this cabinet instead of also having a small chest of drawers and the stack of yarn next to it. I was doing quite well until I succumbed to Kemps twice recently, I guess I will just have to knit faster! I do have another cardigan blocking at the moment and I’m making good progress on a bamboo hoodie too so hopefully I will get those off the needles soon.

I think that’s everything that I finished off over the summer. All that’s left to show you is what 9 yards of linen looks like on the washing line!


I am going to be making Elizabeth Hartman’s (Oh Fransson) hedgehog and fox quilts for the boys using the same fabrics and this is the plain background fabric, Yarn Dyed Essex Linen in Indigo. I wanted it all off the same bolt so that they match completely. I’m planning on sewing them at the same time, first off I need to cut all of this linen and then I will cut each FQ and make one hedgehog and 2 foxes with it, then go onto the next one. It’s a long process as there are 40 FQs but I’m looking forward to getting started on it after I get a few more things out of the sewing room and off the list!

Hopefully my next post will be much sooner (I always say that don’t I? Maybe I should accept the fact that I only have time to blog sporadically now), I’ve still got the long mental list of all the stuff I’d like to finish off, hopefully cold winter nights will mean lots of knitting, crochet and hand sewing gets done, that’s the plan anyway!


3 thoughts on “Sad That Summer’s Over

  1. That quilt is absolutely lovely! Definitely worth buying more fabric to finish it 🙂
    Is the cardigan dye-able? It looks like it would go with denim really well, but maybe you are not a denim gal?
    That is one amazing stash you have there! 😉

  2. Janine says:

    It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I could sew my daughters clothes out of little scraps and in a short time too. They do grow quickly. And I love your scrap quilt -no resemblance to vomit at all . I am very inspired to sew another one but there is just not enough time for everything. Looks like you have settled in nicely and there is still definitely room for more stash!

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