Winter’s Coming (So It’s Time For New Pyjamas)

If The Game of Thrones reference makes you think that I watch it, you’d be very mistaken. I’m a huge Sean Bean fan and the fact that they not only killed his character in the first series, but decapitated him meaning he couldn’t be pretend dead and come back later (along with the bizarre random sex and huge cast of annoying characters I couldn’t find any empathy for), put me off for good.

Anyway, it is turning colder now so it was time for new winter pyjamas for the boys as they’ve both grown out of their old pairs (I had to remove the monkey ones from Piggle’s drawer when he wasn’t looking to avoid a fit!). I am out of children’s flannel and fancied a change from the usual ‘proper’ pyjamas anyway (as well as not being able to afford to buy 8m of the stuff) so I dug into the fabric collection and along with Kwik Sew Sewing for Children and Kwik Sew 1557 for Jim’s trousers I came up with these.


Jim isn’t a fan of race cars or baseball but I figure as he’s going to have his eyes closed most of the time he was wearing them he could live with it! The blue London pair I made for Piggle he picked the fabric for and the Dylon that I used to dye it all, the bottoms of those are a cotton velour. All the other bottoms are sherpa left over from my nappy making and selling days I still have enough left for a few years worth of pyjamas yet, or I might make some hoodies from it sometime just to use it up as it takes up one hell of a lot of room.

Anyway, both boys are very happy with their new cosy jimjams and all the sets have been worn. That’s sadly the last of that little car print, I don’t know how much I bought but I can think off the top of my head of 5 different things I’ve made from it. I took a too small t-shirt out of Piggle’s drawer in that print and he didn’t want me to get rid of it until I told him he was getting pjs using it. The rest of the tops are PRR jersey which I couldn’t be bothered to dye so white it is!

A month and a half ago or so I looked at the baskets of fat quarters and quilting fabric stacked in the sewing room and became irritated with them. I was always having to dig through them to try to find stuff and they were an annoying waste of space. So I measured the gap and went to a local antique place to see if they had anything. I came home with a lovely bamboo bookcase which has narrow shelves (think paperback size) and is therefore perfect for putting fat quarters on.


I’m really happy with how it fits in the space and how I can now see what I have (and that I seriously need more grey fabrics, that stack is tiny). Now if I could just fine two nice comfy chairs, one for my office and one for my bedroom, and some curtains for the boys’ room we’d be all sorted… You can see from the first picture how uneven the floors are in my sewing room, I can’t actually look down the length of it from the door as the tilt makes me feel a little queasy!

The statue of the two people on the top of the shelf I got years ago from a nick nack shop, it’s called ‘Shotgun Wedding’ and the bride is very pregnant. Always makes me smile as it’s just so silly.

So, this weekend I’m going to go and look at a local fabric sale, going to a food fair and also going to try to attempt to get some sewing done. I have the Maya Shirt/Dress pattern all cut out and some fabric ready to do a test run with (I think the shirt needs more length). I also want to start cutting the linen for the boys’ quilts. 9y is a lot to cut up into small pieces and that type of major cutting is my least favourite part of quilting, I just want to sew, therefore it’s been put off for weeks and weeks, time to just get on with it. I have curtains that need making too, but my Mum is here for a few days start of next week so I will get her to help me cut them, then I can blame it on her if it all goes wrong! Just remembered I need more curtain tape too. Also just remembered that I need to do my Do Good Stitches blocks at some point this month, better make sure I spend as much time as I can in the sewing room this weekend, doesn’t look like it’s Tinder’s time to be seamed….

Hope you all get to sew and knit as much as you want this weekend!


One thought on “Winter’s Coming (So It’s Time For New Pyjamas)

  1. If it makes you feel better, I can’t bring myself to watch Game of Thrones either. I read the first book, and I usually love epic fantasy type stuff, but it was seriously the hardest thing for me to get through– Sean Bean’s character was one of the only people in there I actually liked, and they killed him early in the book, too! I have the second and third books, because they were given to me, so I’ll probably try to tackle them sometime. But I’ll quite happily stick with other authors for now.

    The pj’s look cozy, and I like how you organized your small fabric bits!

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