Fabric and Finishes

So, I mentioned before that I was going to a fabric sale locally. I got there nice and early with my Landlady and Landlord and was glad that I had, as by the time we left there wasn’t much left that I would have wanted to buy! I couldn’t believe how many people were there, quite amazing for such a rural area. The sale was the stash belonging to the Organiser’s Mother (who I think had passed away), and I came home with 19.5 yards of great vintage fabric for the small sum of £22.50!

002These are mainly cottons with a few synthetics thrown in.

003The fabric marked 1960’s is cotton, as is the leaf print, but the front one is sort of a crepe type fabric, medium weight. I was so glad I pre-washed the blues together when the colour catcher came out the same shade as the fabric! I guess they didn’t have as good dye fix back then!

004One of the blue florals is a synthetic that feels like cotton and the top left dotty print is stretch knit, there’s much more of it than the label says!

005Finally there’s this border print. I kept going back to look at it over and over again not knowing what I’d do with it. I still don’t, but for that price it was silly not to pick it up, a pattern will turn up for it at some point!

Apparently there is still more fabric to come and there will be another sale in the Spring! There were quite a lot of wools and some decorating fabric, I’d missed an earlier sale where the majority of the cottons and all the quilting cotton had gone, but I will be keeping an eye out for details of the next sale. The Organiser was also clearing out her Father’s wood workshop so there were men walking around with tools and pieces of wood, it was quite amusing. All the money went to charity too which is great.

A few quick finishes then, these are the October Do Good Stitches blocks, wonky log cabins made entirely from my scrap basket again.

009010And a holey dishcloth made whilst waiting for various things to happen. This one is a little bitter-sweet as I knit quite a bit of it in my Grandmother’s hospital rooms before she passed away at the age of 101.5 at the end of last month.

011I have more to show you but I think that is enough photos for today!


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