Freemantle Coat

I just saw on Marilla’s blog that her new pattern for 3 versions of the Freemantle Coat and Jacket is on sale from today. I had the pleasure of testing the pattern for her so I thought I’d do a really quick review whilst procrastinating over some writing I now have very little time to finish for my PhD!

007This is a retro shaped coat, very loose and a sort of tulip shape. I made the basic version, but the pattern includes a shorter version with a zip and a version like mine but with ribbing cuffs which wasn’t on the tester pattern or I would have made it as I do like a cuff to keep the wind out, it can be grim up North on occasion!

012I’d never done a welt pocket before and Marilla’s instructions were very clear and easy to follow, excuse my pencil marks, those will come out at some point! The instructions in general for this coat were very clear. It also has an underarm gusset which I’d never sewn before and I just did as I was told matching up the right bits and markings and it worked great.

The pattern is for intermediate sewers which is the level I’d put myself in. If I could be bothered or wanted to sew harder things I probably could but intermediate suits me just fine, enough of a challenge to keep me interested but easy enough that I’m not throwing fabric across the room and slamming the door in tears!

009Everything inside the coat is finished off with binding. Please excuse my non-matching lining and random bias binding, I was just using what I had on hand to test this! The pattern calls for a Hong Kong finish on the seams, but I bound my seams together instead because I’m lazy like that. The coat version has HUGE pockets which is wonderful, so many coats don’t give you room for your phone and keys let alone tissues, gloves or a hat.

You can buy the pattern in Marilla’s Etsy shop, and I’d advise picking up a copy of the Maya pattern while you’re there too, I’ve made a shirt and a dress from that pattern already and have fabric out for a tunic version, it’s my Scout T-shirt pattern replacement I think.

Thanks Marilla for letting me test, I really enjoyed it!



2 thoughts on “Freemantle Coat

  1. I LOVE this! It may be stash fabric, but the red plaid is perfect for this design. I like the happy lining too 🙂 I also love the new look on your blog!

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