Getting These Posted

I haven’t sewn for a bit, kind of lost my mojo again and got caught up doing other things with the time I would have been sewing, as you do now and again. I have finished a few things that I’ve not posted about though and, what with the end of the year coming up and all that jazz, I wanted to get them on the blog and clear the FO decks.

012First up is Tinder which I showed you in pieces a few months back. I finally spent a weekend putting it together and getting the bands knit. This took me over a year start to finish, which is silly really as it’s not a hard knit. I think I put it down in the winter as it was hard to see the dark brown yarn on dark nights.

013The yarn is Rico Creative Cotton in Aran which I got from Kemps. I actually paid full price for it as I wanted to start this cardigan right away rather than waiting for a sale, it’s always those that end up taking forever to knit!

014The buttons were from John Lewis in Edinburgh when we were there on holiday this summer with my parents. I do like buying buttons or fabric on holiday as the memory of the trip is tied into what they’re used for. I also love a wooden button as you will no doubt know if you’ve seen any of my previous knits!

I’ve not actually worn this cardigan yet, I don’t know why as I really like it.  I think I need to find some things to wear it with and pull it out!

I mentioned the Maya pattern the other day and this is the first version I made using some lawn from Boyes. All the seams of this shirt are finished so it’s perfect for a lighter fabric that needs a french seam finish.

I have a feeling that I used this print upside down. It’s the same on the front and the back and doesn’t look horribly noticeable (I don’t think) but I do think I got it wrong…

This is really comfortable to wear and I’m sure I’ll drag it out a lot in the summer.

Under Tinder in the first photo is the dress I made from the same pattern using some baby cord that must have been in my stash for about 9 years or so. I have used it once and I have enough left for another project in the future, which is good as I love it!

015I did size the dress up a little bit, I’m quite large at the moment (going to do something about that in the New Year she says once again) and I wanted to be able to wear a t-shirt under the dress. I just added a half inch to the outside of the front and back when I cut it out and called it done. Again, I’ve not worn this yet for some unknown reason, but I am planning to wear it on Christmas Day as I think it will be comfortable and I’m cooking for 10 so short sleeves when I get hot and bothered will be good!

I have plans for at least two more versions of this pattern, one from a lovely flannel that I bought especially, should probably get on with that before the weather warms up and a flannel tunic will be a bad idea!

I’ll be back for a round-up of the year and to show you, hopefully, two more projects that I am working on.


2 thoughts on “Getting These Posted

  1. All so pretty!…and it looks like they are pretty well coordinated too…I love the cardi and the upside down print and the pretty calico cord…

    ~Have a lovely day…and a very Merry Christmas!

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