February is the Longest Month

I remember why I put off blogging every single time I come here and try to upload photos, I don’t understand why WordPress doesn’t seem to be able to do it without giving me error message after error message but it makes the whole process very tedious. I am going to try using photos from Flickr from now on and see if that makes it any easier as I will only be arguing with one upload…

So, my nephew’s Birthday was in January and I made him a few things for it. First up a library bag like my sons have. This time I used some Essex denim linen for the body of the bag and I really love they way it turned out.

019Library BagI also made him some dungarees as I do love these 1970s patterns. This one is Simplicity 5050 from 1972 and I used some very thick cord that I actually bought to use for Jim when he was about 4 but never got around to!

Simplicity 5050 1972Sorry for the blurry winter pictures….

The boys went through the knees of almost all their summer pjs the second year they wore them so I couldn’t donate them to the charity shop like I usually do. It seems like a lot of fabric to just throw away though so I have it in a bag and am using it for facings and hidden bits as and when. Robots on the inside!

016I made a second pair using Simplicity 4417 from 1953. The pattern envelope was rather ratty so I was surprised when I opened it up to find that the pattern was uncut!

IMG_20150110_143718Simplicity 4417 1953Again with the pj fabric as facing, I also used a bit of bird and hedgehog ribbon to hold the strap in place.

061This pattern had an interesting way to enclose the side opening that I’d never done before. I’m not sure if I got it exactly right but it’s not too bad. The cord for these was dyed for Piggle and never used, the benefits of having a young nephew, I can use up all the fabric bits that mine are too big for!

064I decided that I’d like a new t-shirt to go with my Tinder cardigan so I pulled out a brown stripey knit and quickly whipped up a Union Street T-shirt. I found that this pattern was really long in the body and sleeves and I had to take some length off both which is unusual for me, usually I have to add to the body length.

IMG_20150131_153255I seriously did not try to match the sleeves to the body, if I had tried they would have been nowhere near. I just made sure that the sleeves matched and when I put it on the dressform I saw that they matched the body almost perfectly, very happy accident! I did match the side stripes though and I’m happy with the way it came out. It’s very comfortable and I’ll be using this again no doubt.

My next projects weren’t so successful. Everyone has been posting Linden sweatshirts left right and centre so I pulled out some fabric and had a go. There seems to be something off about the larger sizes (I made the 16) if you use ribbing. The neckline ends up all Flashdance and horrid as so.

IMG_20150201_161248The ribbing just isn’t wide enough to pull it back in, this is after I took 4 inches off the neckband and tried for a second time. I have a wider neckband cut out with the extra length taken off but I haven’t had the patience to rip this one off for the second time, the first time I was so angry I managed to rip the back piece right down the middle and had to re-cut so I don’t want to repeat that.

The other issue with it is the cuff, this doesn’t look right to me….

IMG_20150201_170439I sewed the cuffs on the first version and they are as floppy and horrible as you would expect from them being this big (I made the first one start to finish without adjusting anything as no one else had mentioned issues). I am going to have to cut this cuff down to about a size 2 to get it to fit properly.

I did ask the designer via Twitter if anyone else had had problems or if the pattern perhaps isn’t quite right for ribbing in the larger sizes. She responded asking me if I was using the right seam allowance (yes, I was) and then never replied again which has put me off buying the two other patterns of hers that I fancied, guess that’s good for saving money… I will work on these two sweatshirts when I find some enthusiasm to make them right, but I think I need to re-draft the neckline if I make any further versions as it’s just too wide in that size for anyone who might want to keep their bra straps to themselves…

There is more to be shown, but I have run out of time and patience with WordPress and Flickr for one day.

As for the title of the post, we’ve had a bit of this this month

IMG_20150129_081111Which, although, beautiful, also causes winter rage in me. I find February one month too far for winter and I get very grumpy and fed up with it. I also find that February is when the Christmas spending bites me in the ass, so although it’s a short month it feels incredibly long in terms of being cold and broke. Roll on Spring!


4 thoughts on “February is the Longest Month

  1. Mary says:

    Yikes! I blog in wordpress and upload via flickr generally it works fine. I love the dungarees and the reusing of pjs, my daughter is growing out of a pair I made and once her brother has worn them (always a good idea to make them unisex) I’m hoping I can reuse the fabric, it’s too nice not too. I’m interested in your review of the sweatshirt , it’s one I’ve been eyeing up when I get my butt in gear to tackle sewing with knits.

  2. Lovely lining details! I am so pleased to see that small people still wear dungarees – they were my favourite thing when my kids were teeny đŸ™‚

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