More Than I Thought

It seems that I’ve finished off more projects than I thought I had. I feel at the moment that I’ve very little time for making things and I grab whatever time I can find, but it’s never enough. I do miss the days when I had all the time I wanted to make things, but I love what I’m doing now too and hopefully one day it’ll all balance out again!

First up I made a Sock Sack from an online tutorial to hold a plain sock for me to work on when I’m away from home. It was really easy and fast and I’m very happy with the way it came out, I love the fabric and it’s great to carry it around with me all the time.

052054The second picture if of the current sock in progress, I think it’s bright enough! The only change I made to the pattern was to add a simple lining. I cut a piece of fabric the same size as the bag and folded over the top then just sewed it to the bag as I was sewing the casings. The front pocket holds my heel turning notes and a tape measure.

I always have a simple knit/purl project on my desk to work on while I’m reading. I find that I stay in the chair longer if I have something to do with my hands when I don’t need to take notes. This is the most recent completed one (I don’t work the sleeves at the desk as using dpns requires more attention than I want to give). This is the Effortless Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. I used Sirdar Baby Speckle from Kemps.

Effortless Cardigan
Effortless Cardigan
Effortless CaridganI’m not sure why those pictures are so wonky… It was indeed effortless to knit. I’m not sure why I knit such a big size though, I sort of wish I’d either gone down a size or knit the size I did with slightly smaller needles as the gauge is a little loose for this yarn. Anyway, it’s comfortable to wear and nice and warm when you cross the fronts before zipping your coat. It’s also nice to have something a little lighter colour in my collection of cardigans, I seem to knit dark or very bright colours so this is new territory for me!

Next up was the second of my Knitters Curiosity Cabinet challenge, the Conferva villosa Hat. I used a ball of Sirdar Calico left over from another project and the furry bobble that I bought from the Knitting and Stitching Show a few years back.

Conferva villosa HatI really like this and the bobble always makes me smile. I think I will need to sew through some elastic though as the yarn doesn’t have much recovery so it’s stretching out. I cast on for the next project, a pair of socks, this week just to keep it going! I am looking forward to getting to a shawl as I’ve not made one in a while so hopefully that will motivate me to get on with the socks, we’ll see…

I made a Clapotis right when the pattern came out many years ago. I was pretty new to knitting at the time and used a very thick yarn and it came out more like a blanket and was basically un-wearable. I’ve had a gap in my shawl collection for a while and have thought many many times that I’d love a plain red shawl or scarf, so I pulled out some Rowan Bamboo Soft that had been intended for a project that I have since gone off and made myself a red scarf!

ClapotisAs with most reds the colour is off in these pictures, it’s a darker much less orange-red than this. I’ve worn this a few times already and I love it, the yarn is indeed very very soft (although a real bitch to knit with as the balls tangle and fall apart left right and centre). I love that it can be a simple scarf or widen out into a shawl or lap blanket as needed!

And finally, I seem to be all about the practical makes at the moment. I needed a bag to use for University days that was big enough to hold my work, my knitting, my lunch, my notebooks and anything else that I needed to take along. I kept finding myself with several bags or one very stuffed and uncomfortable bag or leaving things at home that I might need because I didn’t want to overstuff my bag. Cue Elizabeth Hartman’s Perfect Quilted Tote, some duck cloth from Ebay, some fabric I bought for another bag I never got around to even buying the pattern for and a good dig through my scrap basket and here we are.

Perfect Quilted Tote
Perfect Quilted Tote
Quilted Tote InsideThe green stripe is the top of a slip pocket. I used up scraps of some of my very favourite fabrics on this so I get to see them all the time. I did make the bag bigger than the pattern. I actually went OTT and had to cut about 2 inches off the width as it was a little comical so it ended up about 2-3″ longer than the pattern and half an inch taller. I also used the longer handles from the other sized bag as I wanted to be able to push the bag around to my back while I walk rather than having it under my arm the whole time. I didn’t put a magnetic snap on it as I worry about those and electronic devices (I’m sure it’d be fine, but I worry enough without adding things to my list!).

The bag is a great success and I adore it, the size is perfect, maybe actually a little too big, but that means that I can put shopping in it too! I really enjoyed this pattern and I will make myself another one at some point I’m sure, the quilt as you go is both challenging and brainless.

Right, I have some machine paper piecing calling my name and also some hovering which I’ve been ignoring for far too long! Happy making to you all!


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