Getting It Done

I had one of those weeks; car trouble, kid off school sick one day, lack of focus, lack of money, wasted trip to University and then on Friday a total fail at managing to record the focus group that I was doing for my research, nothing, nada on the recorder… I did throw a wobbly briefly, but then realised with what had come before during the week I really should have expected it. I emailed the school where I did the group to ask if I could go back (I can thank goodness) and wrote down everything I could remember and then tried to let it go and stop stressing (it sort of worked, I feel ok now but I’m still annoyed about it every now and again).

Something that has been bugging me is the unfinished things that I’m making and I am finding it adds to my stress, so for the last few weeks I’ve been trying to make a dent. Anyone who has read my blog for a little while will recognise the pattern, I start everything and then I get fed up with it all laying around and try to finish everything. I have sewing projects that I want done so I can work on a quilt though. Getting out fabric for a quilt and working on it takes most of the sewing room space and I didn’t want to bury other things. First order of business was to throw out the shirt that I brought with me when I moved in the summer and have never finished, if it’s sat there that long just needing sleeves it’s not something I am dying to wear. I then hemmed one leg of a pair of school trousers that have been waiting for goodness knows how long.

I still have the fabric for my bedroom curtains sitting there. I moved about 9 months ago and bought the fabric about 7 months ago and I’ve not managed to make two rectangles…. I need to buy some curtain tape and then just get them done. I also have a pair of jeans with a rip in the inner leg that I’m contemplating how to repair, or if they’re worth repairing, and as I only put them in there last week they’re not bugging me too much.

I had some Do Good Stitches blocks to get done, I’ve made these before and found them really annoying, but this time the paper piecing went incredibly easily and they were done in about an hour, using up more bits from the scrap basket.

Do Good Stitches Blocks
As I was all set up for paper piecing I began working on a cover for my cafetiere that I’ve had the idea in my head for years for. I bought the coffee cup paper pieced pattern from Don’t Call Me Betsy as soon as she released it and then had it sitting there forever. At the end of my sewing time on the first day I had this.

Don't Call Me Betsy Coffee Cup
At the time I walked away happy, chuckling that I had a ‘Kaffe Cup’, but after a few hours the fact that the handle was the ‘wrong’ way around began to really bug me. I tried to live with it, but in the end I took it apart and put it on the ‘proper’ side. I wonder if Elizabeth is left handed, or maybe she doesn’t worry about which way her cup sits, but my brain just couldn’t take it!

Coffee CoverI used the special batting that holds heat in and kind of guessed at the size of it which is why it doesn’t quite fit properly. I’m still happy with it though, it’ll do it’s job and that’s what matters. I may go back and fix the bit of binding that I sewed through, it’s annoying me a little but not enough to re-thread the machine for it.
Coffee CoverThe green pansy print is also one of my all time favourite prints so it’s lovely to have it used for something that’s on show all the time in the kitchen. The linen and solid Kona cotton were all from scraps too so this didn’t cost a thing.

Fabric Sale

A little bit of stash enhancement from the second local fabric sale. The fabric is mainly vintage and in about 2y lengths, I don’t know what it was being stashed for. All the proceeds go to charity and they prices had been knocked right down this time as they wanted to get rid of it so I got 19m/y for £20. I have prewashed it but it still has that ‘old lady’s house’ smell which I’m hoping will fade with time and not spread to the rest of my fabric!

Another knitting project has moved from my desk to the living room to await sleeves. This is Caramel, another blanket type cardigan but with added stripes!

Caramel Cardigan

I am seriously bogged down with sleeves in my knitting right now. I have done one and a bit for a lovely blue cardigan I want to work on more but never seem to find time for, I am working on the first sleeve for a jumper my Mum bought to make herself and can’t due to the stroke, it’s got a lace and cable pattern so I’ve started with the sleeves first to get used to it. Then these two from Caramel and the final sleeve for my Austin Hoodie which is literally the only bit of the cardigan left to do, it’s been sitting there for about six months waiting for a single sleeve. My excuse is that it’s one where you pick up the stitches and knit down using short rows, as I don’t like picking up stitches or short rows it has put me off working on it, but earlier today on a mission I got going on it so hopefully that will be done soon and I can get on with some of the other sleeves!

And finally, I sorted out the two Linden Sweatshirt disasters so that they’re wearable. This is the first one made from Sherpa and a wide rib knit.

Linden SweatshirtAnd the second one made from a thermal knit that I love and have saved for ages and black cotton ribbing I bought specifically to use for this project, that combination is why I didn’t just chuck it in the bin along with the pattern when it went horribly wrong but instead spent my time unpicking the overlocking so I could fix it.

Linden SweatshirtSo, I left the bottom ribbing alone, it’s actually a little too tight but it will be fine. The cuffs I took three inches off of, yes THREE INCHES, and they’re still not tight around my wrists but they’re not clown like as they were before. The collar I cut a size 2 for (the body of the sweatshirt is a size 16) and then doubled the depth of the ribbing so that it has some stretch left to pull the neckline back in. I really don’t understand why pattern makers think that larger women need wider necklines, even if we have wider shoulders that’s the outside of the garment not beside the neck, and if we’re larger chested we usually have wider bra straps that need covering, so wide necklines just suck (as does the amount of times I used the word wider in that sentence…). I don’t know whether I’ll use this pattern again, maybe if I lose a considerable amount of weight and can use the smaller sizes that seem to be fine, but the way it’s drafted, for the 16 at least, is terrible and disappointing, hopefully now they’ll be wearable though, at least around the house.

I do have a few garment projects in my head that I want to work on, but nothing is further along than a pattern sitting with a piece of fabric so they’re not causing me stress and if I need a break from the quilt I will drag one out and make it quickly. Cue tiny bit of fabric flying everywhere (and maybe some curtains over the Easter Holiday)!


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