A New Troop of Scouts

I’ve been living in Scout’s in summer for quite a few years now, back when the pattern was free as I definitely wouldn’t have paid the current price for such a simple pattern. Anyway, I think that the reason I was so annoyed with the Archer sweatshirts is because the Scout pattern has always worked so well for me, it’s comfortable, it shows off nice fabrics simply and it’s easy to wear. I go through a few each summer from wearing the to death and/or spilling stuff on them and I realised a few weeks back that I was down to my last one in the cupboard (and I’ve since had to admit that no matter how much I loved that one it really needed to be binned) so I cut and batch sewed three for this summer. I add an inch or so to the bottom of the pattern so they hit where I want, depends on how much fabric I have available as to how much gets added on.
ScoutThis fabric was from Abakan so it’s at least 7 years old now, and I’ve got enough to make something else with it to as the piece was about 3m long. If you look at it hard you’ll notice that it’s a misprint, the dots are a bit wrong and sometimes fuzzy, but that kind of makes me like it more! ScoutThis fabric was from Fabricland in Brighton probably about, maybe, 4 years or so now I think. We’re going to Brighton again in the summer so I’ve made sure there is money available on the credit card for a visit, it’s been too long since I’ve been to a fabric shop and I’m looking forward to it and hoping they have some good kids prints for pjs as I’m totally out now! The print on this is raised and slightly plasticy which means that it has to be ironed on the wrong side or the iron doesn’t move over it which was a little annoying but I got there in the end. ScoutThis is a piece of the vintage fabric I got from the local sale. It looks a lot like lawn and hangs that way but it’s actually a synthetic. It will either be really nice and breezy or I’ll suffocate in it, we’ll have to see. The fabric smells of old lady house when it’s ironed, I can never figure out where that scent comes from but it’s unmistakeable! Luckily the fabric doesn’t smell when not boiling hot under an iron otherwise I’d not be able to wear it due to being very sensitive to smell! All of these have french seams, which is always good for some comedy moments when trying to set in gathered sleeves as I forget which sides to match every single time!

Seems I never showed you Caramel which I finished back at the end of May Caramel CaramelCaramelI think I’m done with these blanket front cardigans for a little while, although there’s still a few on my queue to try. Don’t know why I made two in quick succession right before the summer… Anyway, this is made from Sirdar Simply Recycled DK (Kemps have more of this and the Aran weight on sale at something stupid like 79p a ball, I’ve stocked up with more than enough from previous sale prices though I think!). I like the grey and the green together and this yarn is a favourite of mine which means that it’s been discontinued!

This was a really easy knit, just back and forth forever and ever. The pattern calls for the sleeves to be knit in the round but my gauge differs so much between back and forth and the round that I knit them flat and seamed them instead. I like the way this turned out and it’s comfortable to wear.

Yesterday I finished off my second version of the Atelier pattern using some Freedom Gorgeous that I got from Kemps (again discontinued so I’ve got a good stash of it). I love this pattern, it’s simple and yet interesting at the same time. The yarn colour is called Parsley and the first picture is the closest to true. I made the non-icord version this time around for a change, I do like the i-cord but I think with bamboo it wouldn’t have held it’s roundness anyway.
20150710_174809Atelier 2Atelier 2You knit the yoke and then the sleeves and once they’re seamed you pick up around the fronts of the yoke and work downwards from there with some shaping. I love the way this bamboo acrylic yarn shows off the difference between the garter and stocking stitch sections, it isn’t as clear in the marled version I made previously. I’m sure I’ll use this pattern over and over again as the finished cardigan is so comfortable and useful.

I finished off another knitted project this morning but I’m not all that enamoured with it and it needs blocking so it’s on a time out before I will show it to you. It’s not horrid, just not what I hoped it would be and it had some issues along the way that have made us less than best friends!

Finally, this is the final block I made for the Do Good Stitches bee. I had to drop out because I just was finding it hard to fit in the blocks and when I did I felt a bit annoyed about having to do them, which really wasn’t all that charitable! I decided that, sadly as I enjoy Bees, that I need to keep my sewing time as stress relief rather than stress causing.

Do Good Stitches block, June 2015I think that’s everything I’ve completed of late. I’ve been working on a quilt but I’m still a long way off finishing it. I bought a load of patterns a few weeks back for some reason so those have gone in the big pile. My Mother has asked for a quilt for her significant Birthday coming up and being efficient she picked out the pattern and fabrics from my stash when she was here forPiggle’s Birthday so I just need to buy some solids and backing and get it made, I’m going to start cutting later today. I have warned her that she’ll probably not get it in September, especially considering it took about three weeks to make three simple shirts! I’m hoping that once it’s cut it’ll be something that I can nip in andpiece a block in an evening so it keeps makingsteady progress, also with the summer holidays coming up I might be able to spend more time on it, we’ll see. It will be nice to get another quilt made though, I have fabric for about six in my sewing room that have been waiting for a few years now. At least my Mum’s quilt is 16FQs out of the stash rather than them just sitting there looking at me!


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