The Summer That Was

Re-entry after this summer has been really hard, I did not want it to end, we had such a busy time doing lots and lots of things and visiting many places. On the first day of school the weather decided, boom, it was time for autumn and all of a sudden it was done and I’m battling to try to get my head back into my work having taken the summer off (not on purpose but we were doing so much I just never got any work done!).

Anyway one of our two summer holidays (the second being ‘glamping’ with my parents at Hadrian’s Wall) was 4 days in Brighton. I had saved up for a trip to Fabric Land as I’d not been in about 4 years and hadn’t visited in a decent dress fabric shop for a very long time. I managed to come home with about 50 metres of fabric and am ready for next summer’s pyjamas now, along with adding some solids to my stash as I’m feeling more and more that I’m crossing that border between cool and middle-aged with my prints… The middle top two fabrics are from Ditto. I normally don’t find anything I like or can afford in there but these lawns were on sale. It’s still undecided whether the foxes will end up with one of the boys or if I’ll claim them! Stash Enhancement

I just slipped and ordered another 9m of fabric from The Textile Centre on Ebay. 1m is to cover the seats of my kitchen chairs, but the rest is all blue and a lot of the pile of things waiting to be made are blue and I have 1 blue cardigan on the needles and another about to launch, obviously that is my current colour…

These projects aren’t in any order I don’t think. I got this striped fabric from the local fabric sale and my Mother and I both agreed that it needed to be pyjamas. It’s another that feels like cotton but I think it might have some synthetic in it.

PyjamasI used my standard Ottobre pyjama bottom pattern and just added as much length as I could with the fabric I had. I had a big piece left that I didn’t want to waste so I tried out the free By Hand Polly Tank (why you have to register on their site for a free pattern I don’t know, something I find really irritating online). I used some unidentified white cotton from my stash, I think it might be sheeting left over from making Piggle a duvet cover when he was little but it works and it was there waiting to be used. The By Hand pattern has the usual larger bust issues of gaping armholes and too wide neckline, it’s ok for a pyjama top that hardly anyone will see but I’d not bother making it was day wear, it’d take too many alterations to make it fit properly. I like these pyjamas though and they’re quite comfortable and used up stash fabric so win win.

Using up more stash fabric and trying to use some of the many PDF patterns I bought or printed off when I was busy working and couldn’t sew) I made this Riff t-shirt by Cake with some PRR ice cream jersey I’ve had for far too long (still loads left too, why did I buy so much?). It’s not a bad pattern but the neckline doesn’t quite lay flat as you can see and has a slightly odd shape to it. I’ll try a few different versions in the future I’m sure, it could be my fabric as the jersey has virtually no stretch and the cotton ribbing is a little floppy.
Cake T-shirt

It’s wearable though and, again, using up stash fabric rather than letting it sit there forever!

Plain SockAnd, finally, I finished off these plain socks made using Yarntopia Treasure’s Bamboo Cotton Sock yarn. Quite a subtle colour way I think, I won’t misplace my feet!

Now we’re back to it and I am working on finishing up a quilt that my Mother requested for her significant Birthday (I just pin basted it together and have 3 weeks to quilt and bind it so I should finish it, fingers crossed).

I have a big stack of projects waiting to be made and have been thinking a lot about what I want to make and wear and how I want to look, I would like to do a post on that if I find the time as it’s something I’ve been working on for a long time and recently I feel like my style is changing and wondering what the reasons are along with what clothing I want. That was a very confusing sentence!

Anyway, onwards, hopefully will have more to show you soon, the log burner was put to use for the first time last night after a huge delivery of logs arrived so there will be more knitting coming, plenty of projects to finish off so I can start new things!

If you want to see what I’m up to in real time I’m using Instagram as finallywakingup and am the same on Twitter. Not giving up blogging yet though!


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