Planning and Cutting (more like wishing and hoping)

So we’re back into the school year routine for all of us and I’ve got a massively busy two years ahead of me finishing off the PhD and trying to get experience and knowledge that will actually help me get a job after I’m done. This doesn’t leave a lot of time for sewing which I really miss, I don’t long for the days when I did nothing much but sew as I love what I’m doing, but I do wish I had a bit more down time where I wasn’t so tired that all I can manage is to knit something simple in front of a dvd.

When I can’t sew I seem to buy stuff for sewing, Lots of pdf patterns have been printed and I’ve had several parcels arrive from The Textile Centre on Ebay Fabric HaulThis one I was focusing on getting some plainer fabrics into my stash, I still like my bright prints, but I’m feeling a need for slightly more subtle fabric these days. However the next parcel from them included 3m of a bright camera print so I’m not completely boring and grown up just yet!

I decided to cut out some things I want to make so that I can nip into the sewing room for half an hour and sew a couple of seams, or press a few seams ready for the next step in sewing. Having to get out the pattern and press the fabric etc. can be off-putting when you’ve not got a lot of time, so last weekend I spent my time prepping projects. I assembled four pdf patterns (three in one go!) and cut out a stack of projects. This is my current sewing plan: 20151010_145534

Sutton Shirt in dark blue and testing out this t-shirt pattern in a cream knit I’ve had forever and a day. The t-shirt pattern needed to be made bigger, I added two sizes when cutting it out. If it works how I want it to work it’ll be the perfect t-shirt and I have several fabrics waiting to be used, if not it’s back to searching for a good slouchy cool and yet un-messy t-shirt pattern. Both of these are cut out and ready to go.
20151010_145655I’m trying the blouse version of the Arum as I don’t think it’s going to fit but I want to know how badly it doesn’t fit! It’s cut out ready to go and in fact yesterday evening I overlocked the edges so I’ll be sewing some seams next time I get into the sewing room. I haven’t traced the pattern for the Noodlehead chambray dress yet, the fabric is pressed though and I will get to it soon.


I haven’t cut the jacket yet, I don’t have enough nerve at the moment for a lined jacket but I will do it soon. I’m going to use the instructions Marilla Walker put out for adding a placket to the jacket as I didn’t buy the pattern until she’d mentioned the change having seen versions online with the lining poking out which would totally have annoyed me. Cutting the pattern and making the adjustment are small jobs that I can do here and there before taking a day to cut some slipping fabric! I wore my first Schoolhouse Tunic the other day (don’t know where the second version went, I think it must have found its way to a charity shop at some point as I haven’t seen it in ages) and had a revelation that I would find it much more wearable if I added two inches to the bodice length. So, that is what I did when I cut into this lawn from Ditto and I have high hopes for this version.
20151010_145728A major part of my planned ‘look’, if you can call it that, is simple shirts and you can’t never try out enough different versions! I have cut both of these and in fact finished that Fen yesterday so I’ll show you the results soon. I plan to try the dress version next, still looking for that perfect easy to wear ‘uniform’ dress pattern! The Akita is a strange one piece pattern that I’m not totally convinced about (especially after my experiences yesterday with another Seamwork pattern) so I’m using some cheap old fabric to see how/if it works. That one is also cut ready to go.

20151010_145856I have pulled out many different fabrics for the Mississippi Avenue shirt/dress and haven’t settled on one yet so this is still on the ‘soon’ pile. I think the fact that it’s cold here now is putting me off trying it right now too but it’s been on my radar for ages now and I do want to give it a go. The Aberdeen is the pattern that I had a major falling out with yesterday. I think part of the problem is my fabric, but not all of it. I will post about that soon. I’m disappointed that it’s not as simple as it is supposed to be as I was hoping it’d be a go to pattern for winter weight t-shirts.
20151010_145759Neither of these are cut yet. The Moji pants I have pulled out some odd brown fabric that I don’t know why I bought to try a muslin as I’ve not made trousers in ages and I don’t want to waste good fabric. This style of trouser is part of my mental ‘plan’ along with the Boyfriend Jeans from Named Pattern. I’m still too big for that pattern so I’m putting off buying it, but the Moji is similar and goes up to my size so I’ll try that one first. I’m going to make the shirt without the collar with the lawn under it. Still very much into the blues at the moment and this will be a nice variation of shirt from the other styles I’ve picked.

20151010_145836These are my fun but not necessary sewing projects. I want a taller tote from the Elizabeth Hartman pattern and I’m going to add a zip to the top of it too. I bought black linen from The Textile Centre for the non patchwork bit of the bag. The caddy pattern I bought on a whim when there was a pattern sale, it might be good for socks or a hand quilting project, it’s just a bit of amusement using some fun fabrics really.

So, that’s the sewing plan at present. I’m sure I’ll add things to it and some of the things I’ve cut out will sit there forever, but at least I have stuff to work on, I’ve made the decisions on fabric etc and I can do small bits. I’m also trying to work towards things that can be worn together. If the jacket works then I have fabric in mind for a black version and possibly a blue version to be worn with the trousers and shirts or over a t-shirt with jeans. It’s a very loose plan but I feel like I’m honing in on some sort of style that feels right for me right now. Of course I might give up and go back to making tons of bright things that don’t go together, but I’ll deal with that when it happens!


3 thoughts on “Planning and Cutting (more like wishing and hoping)

  1. Jo says:

    Wow you have been busy! I should do this, get patterns ready and cut stuff out, it’s my least favourite bit and often stops me sewing in the evenings as I can’t be bothered to start with that!

  2. I hate cutting out the most but once that is done I manage to sew in small amounts here and there and eventually over a week or two I finish second mething. You have some fantastic projects lined up here. Good luck with the studies.

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