Running Playlist Right Now

I want to update my running playlist but I don’t want to forget what’s on the current one so I can return stuff later if I want to. So I figured I’ll put the list here and it might be helpful to someone looking for suggestions of what to add to theirs.

  • Angel Interceptor – Ash – I’ve loved this tune since the album came out many many years ago
  • Around Town – The Kooks – their last album was as good as the rest with some great running tunes like this one and the other 2 I have on the playlist
  • Bad Habit – The Kooks – his voice is amazing on this
  • Better Now – The Vespers – I like a slow song now and again, especially when I’m tired or on a hilly bit and starting to panic, I find it calms me down and stops the ‘run run faster faster’ mentality that a really pounding constant soundtrack gives me
  • Blood – Tired Pony – great lyrics and great pounding beat for when I do want it!
  • Bring Me To Life – Everescence – I don’t own anything else by them but I’ve loved this track since it came out. Shouty enough to gasp along with!
  • Call It What You Want – Foster the People – Nice beat, bit bored of it now though
  • Crazy In Love – Snow Patrol cover – I don’t know what effects they put Gary Lightbody’s voice through on this but it’s quite possibly the sexiest he’s ever sounded which, along with him singing about not needing a new dress, is distracting enough to take my mind off what I’m doing!
  • Cross My Mind – Jill Scott – another slow one and nice to sing along too for distraction
  • Cut It Out – Anya Marina – good beat and lyrics
  • Down – The Kooks – Piggle’s favourite song which he calls the ‘down down diggy’ song so it tends to make me laugh whilst I sing along
  • Drumming Song – Florence and the Machine – great beat
  • Electric Twist – A Fine Frenzy – sweet song with a good beat but not a pounding one
  • Everyday I Love You Less and Less – Kaiser Chiefs – bit of a throwback with good beat
  • Hello Kitten – Hefner – good for a laugh singing along about how you’re going to make yourself go blind tonight
  • Hounds of Love – Kate Bush – you have to really don’t you? I also have the Futureheads version on the list as their barking on the backing track cracks me up!
  • Howl – Florence and the Machine – again with the beat and lyrics
  • I Predict a Riot – Kaiser Chiefs – this confuses me when it starts as when this album came out I had this song as my ringtone! Blast from the past.
  • I Want You Back – The Kooks – semi-slow emotional one to get the brain into
  • I’d Die For You – Bon Jovi – singing along loud!
  • Iris – The Goo Goo Dolls – I have never heard another song by them and I don’t even remember the film this was from but it’s another overly emotional tune that the brain can work on
  • It Was London – The Kooks – lots of singing along, love the lyric about how the looters took Fortum and Mason!
  • Kiss That Grrrl – Kate Nash – funny fun song with nice beat
  • Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) – Pink – this song is so me and it makes me laugh
  • Life on the Nickel – Foster the People – can’t remember if it’s this one or the other one by them where they say you’re awesome over and over but the beat is good and it’s always nice to hear you’re awsome!
  • Like I Love You – Justin Timberlake – say what you want about JT but his not meant to be funny but are lyrics and an ass shaking beat always makes me smile
  • Monster – Meg Myers – angryish slow one
  • Move You – Anya Marina – nice beat and good to sing to
  • Mr Brightside – The Killers – I’ve always loved this song, it’s got too many lyrics to sing along with completely, especially near the end of a run, but I can but try!
  • A Night Like This – The Cure – I love the feel of this song and Robert and the boys always make it onto my playlists, they’re my first band love
  • One More Night – Maroon 5 – I’m not comfortable with most of their other lyrics and this one is a bit off but for some reason I like it
  • Processed Beats – Kasabian – on here for the beat but I’m bored to death of it now!
  • Rap for Rejection – Kate Nash – nothing like a feminist rap to chant along with whilst running ‘You try to tell me sexism doesn’t exist, if it doesn’t exist then what the fuck is this?’, adore her
  • Ribbons (live) – Sisters of Mercy – throwback to my teenage self, I love his voice on this version and I still can’t read about Marx without my brain going ‘I tried to tell her about Marx and Engels, god and angels, I don’t know what for, but she looked good in ribbons’, the ‘Incoming’ shouted echoes at the end are breathtaking too.
  • Single Ladies – Beyonce – you know what I’m listening to if you see me throw my hands up whilst running!
  • Stupid Girls – Pink – again for the fun laughs
  • Take Me With U – Apollonia and Prince – medium paced beat and I’ve loved the lyrics of this forever
  • The Last Time – Taylor Swift with Gary Lightbody – the lyric ‘you open your eyes into mine’ makes me feel queasy but besides that it’s a harmless love song with a slower beat to calm down to
  • U and Ur Hand – Pink – have to make sure there aren’t any cars before making hand gestures along to this song, big laughs
  • Vision Thing – Sisters of Mercy – one of my favourite opening lines of all time ’25 whores in the room next door’, wonderful beat and Mr Eldrich’s voice is amazing
  • You Give Love a Bad Name – Bon Jovi – makes me laugh when I hear it and has a good beat

Wasn’t a bad playlist, has almost 3 hours of music so I don’t get too many constant repeats, but it’s time for new things for sure, I’ll try and remember to post the new list sometime too.

This week I’ve started using the Zombies, Run! ap for my runs. It’s gotten me back up to 40 minute runs after a break from anything longer than 30 (I took a week off and then of course the next week I was ill so I’ve been trying to build my fitness as well, alongside doing harder yoga every day which makes me legs more tired than I ever believed it would!). Each mission so far has said it’s 40 minutes when really it is only about 35, but as I commit to 40 at the start I keep going and it uses your playlist as a radio station. It’s fun to have something to listen to besides just music and the static in my brain. I’m running on the treadmill at the moment too as I can’t spare the extra time for outside runs (I live on a big hill so I either walk at the start to get to a flat bit or have to walk up the hill after finishing my run at the bottom, sometimes both). I figure a run is a run and the treadmill will help me work on even pacing as I’m not very good at that!


One thought on “Running Playlist Right Now

  1. This is great! My plans to run have not come to much – a few ten minute sessions here and there. Realising I was running through a cloud of freshly-sprayed pesticides put me right off! Bad timing, and probably a one-off, but it spooked me.

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