Pyjama Time Again

So, the boys grew and the previous summer pjs I made them were either too small or worn out. Jim has a terrible habit of cutting holes in things which is a little frustrating when you’ve made said garment, partly my fault for not keeping track of my scissors too as I know he does it. Anyway, what all that meant was that it was time to pull out Kwik Sew 1557, measure the boys and get going on another round of summer pjs. Luckily I managed to fill the pyjama fabric hole in my stash at Fabric Land in Brighton last summer. They always seem to have a good selection of kids prints in stock, I must remember to check their eye searing website to see if I can buy a few more prints for Jim next summer, I have enough leftovers for trousers for Piggle and will just make him t-shirts to go with them.

So, this years offerings. Piggle’s first:

Kwik Sew 1557Kwik Sew 1557 I found the perfect buttons for this pair in my button box, they’re a little small but I couldn’t not use them!Pyjama Buttons

And the final pair are from the last piece of one of my favourite PRR prints. I had to add a cuff to the trousers as I didn’t have enough fabric, it’s not even a double cuff as there wasn’t enough for that but it works. I couldn’t resist the applique, so quick but effective and cute! The t-shirt is Kwik Sew Sewing for Children which I had already traced in the right size which was handy.KSSFC and KS1557

And Jim’s pyajamas, it’s hard to find prints for older boys but these were approved by him and he loves them all so phew!Kwik Sew 1557 After this first pair I added an inch to all lengths to give him a bit more growing room.Kwik Sew 1557 As I’ve said, Jim has Aspergers Syndrome so he often isn’t great at making jokes that are actually funny. The first morning he was wearing these I walked in the kitchen and was blinded. When I told him they were incredibly bright pyjamas he replied ‘yeah, I’m on fire this morning’!!
KS 1557

I adore this fox print and almost didn’t give it to Jim, I wanted to make something for myself from it. But, in the end I decided that he needed pjs more than I do and sewed these up.

So, that’s that job out of the way for this summer at least, they will need new winter pjs too so I’ll be having a dig through the stash to use up what I have. Anyone seen any neon piping on sale anywhere? I have some plain flannel that would look cool with really bright piping, if I can figure out how to use it as I never have before.

An update on the chemo. I had to stop the fourth round after 10 days. I woke up on day 11 (Jim’s 13th Birthday so not a great day for it) to find that I could hardly walk as my feet hurt so much. The Professor (my Oncologist) is baffled as to why I can’t deal with chemo, it’s both amusing and worrying to see him literally scratch his head as he tries to figure out what to do with me. Out of 4 rounds I have only completely finished one of them, the other 3 the side effects became too much and I had to stop early, between day 11 and 13. He has further reduced the dose, I’m now down to 60% of what I should have for my square meterage, and he won’t be able to reduce it any further as at 50% they are just causing side effects with no actual treatment being offered. If I can’t manage this level I will have to stop. He wonders if I’m missing part of an enzyme that helps the body process the chemicals in the treatment. I’m not totally missing it or I would have died 2-3 day into treatment, but my body just doesn’t seem to be able to deal with what I’m trying to do with it. Chemo is never wonderful and always has side effects but I seem to have drawn a large amount of them, the newest of which is hay fever which I’ve never had before… He said there is no point changing me to the IV protocol as it wouldn’t get rid of the tiredness and upset stomach which are my main issues. They gave me codeine to help with the upset stomach (it can cause constipation). There was no warning about side effects etc and, in my dopey state, I just took one each morning and then spent 4 days wondering why all of a sudden I was spending most of the day in bed and couldn’t put together a sentence, I’d forgotten about my low tolerance to pain killers! I took it later each day until I got to the point I’m at now where I take it at 10pm and sleep through the worst of the side effects. Fun and games but not particularly safe considering I was doing the school run (a 4 mile drive each way on B roads) totally spaced out!

So, it’s a bit up in the air really, he pointed out that only 8-10% of people who have chemo actually get any benefit from it, which seems rather flawed as they rely on it so much for ‘treatment’, as my cancer was found early and not very advanced hopefully what I’ve had will have done enough to mop up any remaining cancer cells. But really, it’s a waiting game, we just carry on and see if it comes back. I’ve read, and can understand, that the most stressful period of cancer is when the treatment is over. You’re no longer actively fighting it, there’s not the frequent appointments where people are looking at you and keeping track of things, you just wait and wonder. I’m not looking forward to that part at all…

Anyway, I’m on day 3 of the 5th cycle (supposed to do 8) and the skin is falling off my feet and hands again, my eyes are goopy, my stomach isn’t happy, I’m having to nap every afternoon and the hay fever is very annoying. I shall keep plodding onwards, there’s really nothing else I can do.

Plenty more makes to show you, I’ve been quite busy. This weekend whilst I was feeling together mentally and not too tired I cut out a load of things so that I can just sew when I’m foggy and tired. Making decisions about fabric and where to add length, size or alter things is hard when your brain isn’t working so I did it whilst it was!


2 thoughts on “Pyjama Time Again

  1. Ouf! That regime sounds exhausting. I am surprised you are getting anything done at all. Fab pyjamas! Keep on keeping on 🙂

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