Catching Up

Trying to get everything blogged and back up to date! I’ve been doing quite a lot of quick things and working my way through the pile of projects that had been cut out for a while. There are only 2 shirts left from that lot, 1 t-shirt was a wadder that I didn’t bother to finish and the rest are done and in rotation being worn. Last week my piles of things to make expanded to 3. I got rid of one of them, the waiting to be cut right now pile, when I did my cutting spree on Saturday, but it’s back again with 2 more things waiting to be cut out. On top of the cut out and to be cut out piles there’s the waiting for me to get around to them pile. On it is a Lady Skater dress, 2 Almada dressing gowns (I taped the pattern and bought the notions for those last week), a Victoria Blazer, a patchwork bag, a project case, a Bethioua for my sister and a Roberts Jumpsuit. The last few projects I’ve made weren’t actually on my long written list, which is just like me really, make a plan and then do something else entirely!

So, first up, two more Montlake Tee’s, both using fabric from The Textile Centre.
Montlake TeeMontlake Tee

The pink stripe was a £2.99 remnant so cheap and cheerful, I need to do a few short-sleeved ones, although I have plenty of shirts that I should wear instead of t-shirts I guess.

Speaking of shirts, I have made a few lately, first up was the Sutton Blouse that I’d cut out ages ago from a lovely dark blue viscose from Fabric Land in Brighton. I french seamed the whole thing, although that made the side vents a pain but I fudged them.
Sutton BlouseSuttonSutton

I really don’t need to buy any more baggy shirt with yoke patterns, I have a ton of them and there isn’t really that many differences to fit or shape. I have cut out a plain red Sutton in viscose again as I love the feel of it. In fact viscose is my current obsession, it’s such a nice fabric to work with and to wear.

Next up was another french seaming project, this time a Roberts Collection shirt using a thin chambray from The Textile Centre. I bought two lengths each of this fabric in blue and grey (this is the grey) as I like it a lot and it will be cool in hot weather. I don’t think the garments will last long or wear too well due to how thin it is, but it was cheap and I’ll make simple things from it so I don’t waste too much time.
Roberts Collection ShirtRoberts Collection ShitRoberts Collection ShirtI’d forgotten how hard it was to get the back to match up when I made the jumpsuit and had to throw away one half of the back and re-cut as it was totally off and I’d done the entire french seam before I realised. I must remember when I do the second jumpsuit so I don’t have to keep unpicking or chucking out! The neck isn’t great on this, the v is too low for my comfort levels and the interfacing makes it a little stiff even though it was lightweight. It’ll do for under things though.

Finally did a little blocking on my Trace of Silver cardigan, it came out really big for some reason so it’s more a winter wrap around cardigan even though it’s made from cotton.Trace of SilverTrace of Silver

I like the detail on the front band (which is knit on so no going back and picking up) and there are three lots of yarn overs making holes. I had to rip back 13 rows at one point as Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy were to distracting in Peaky Blinders whilst I was trying to knit this!
Trace of SilverThis is the second project in a row that I’ve discovered a stripe in despite using all yarn from the same dyelot, the other one is the black jumper I’ve not finished yet. It’s really annoying when it happens and there was no way with this that I was going to rip back as it’s top down and I’d have to have taken out most of the cardigan by the time I noticed it.

I don’t seem to be knitting much at the moment, I don’t know why besides I’m kind of bored with all my projects but don’t want to cast on for anything new and my brain can’t cope with anything complicated at all right now so pattern reading is hard work. It’ll get done eventually, it always does.

Finally for this post, my Mother has decided that after having a stroke 2 years ago which has effected her motor skills that she won’t be sewing any more, so she’s been unloading her sewing things on me a bit at a time. I don’t mind as I now have a second sewing machine (same as mine, I love mine so much she bought the same) and spare notions etc but it’s a little sad as she taught me a lot about sewing. I made my prom dress and she didn’t bat an eye when I chose slippy fabric and a pattern that required boning and a fitted bodice in about 6 lined pieces even though neither of us had tried anything like that before. Anyway, the last lot of bits she gave me had a fat quarter in it and she said that she loved the fabric but wouldn’t use it. It wasn’t my taste at all and would have ended up in the bag to go to the primary school which felt like a bit of a waste so I pulled out some Kona scraps that matched well and a zip from my big basket of them and made her a sock sack from it. She probably won’t use it for knitting as she’s not doing much of that either but it’s a useful sized bag.
Sock SackSock Sack

I lined it as I usually do, it’s so simple to do I don’t know why it’s not part of the pattern instructions really. I put the zip on the wrong way which actually turned out to be a fortuitous result as she has more mobility in her left hand so the zip on that side works better for her.

That’ll do for this time, still more to show so back soon with the final things I’ve not blogged about!


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