Last Few Things (for now!)

So these are the last unblogged items as of today (I’m scheduling a few posts while I am together enough to type them up!). I’m sure I’ll soon have more to show you but I won’t feel bad about being so far behind in my blogging which will be nice!

I have been wanting to alter the bust dart on the Cabin dress since I made my denim version (which I finally mended a few days ago so I can wear it again, only took a few weeks which is a miracle for me!). I read up on how to do it in a few online tutorials and measured where I wanted to move it to and then never got around to it. In the meantime I got fed up with my non-supportive cheap bras and splurged on 3 new bras from Bravissimo (all the same as it’s my favourite style, just different colours). Luckily I measured again before cutting the pattern as it appears that with proper support my bust is an inch higher than with the crappy bras, as you can see from my markings, the dot was the first marking and the x is the new bra mark! Cabin Dress Pattern AdjustmentIt’s an incredibly simple alteration, just draw around the dart and cut it out then move it up or down however far you need it (3 inches for this pattern) and re-draw the lines above or below where you’ve moved it to, job done. It worked absolutely perfectly and I finally cut out the fabric that I have wanted to use for this pattern, and actually bought the pattern to go with, now that I know the alterations I need to make (like adding 4 inches to the length as it’s incredibly short). I did another test version first using some very subtle viscose from The Textile Centre (another cheap offcut for about £2.99) Cabin ShirtThe dressform doesn’t have my cup size, trust me, the darts point right at the nips like they’re supposed to!
Cabin ShirtThis is so fun and comfortable to wear, nice and swishy with the soft flowy fabric. I think I explained before that the reason I wanted to move the dart rather than doing a FBA was that I was happy with the general fit of the dress. I actually make a smaller size than my measurements call for as I want it less sack like (look, I’m learning finally!) and with a FBA (which the pattern explains in detail how to do and has markings on it to aid with) you add width to the entire garment which wasn’t at all what I wanted to do. The alteration I went with sorted just what I wanted it to and I’ll be using it on other things in the future I’m sure.

Someone on Instagram posted a picture of themselves in Tessuti’s Demi Pant(s) and I really liked them so I bought a copy of the pattern and cut some out from the cheap thin denim I’ve been using for everything lately. I added two sizes in width because, although the waist measurement of the largest size was right for me, and despite the fact that I’m half a stone lighter (7lbs) than before I had the operation, I’m sporting a massive gut that I can’t do anything about right now as I can’t run or diet and I’m going to have another operation that messes with it in a few months anyway. Along with that, I need to be able to pull the pants up over my stoma without dislodging it so I needed the extra width. After that long-winded explanation I will now say that I can get away with adding one size as these came up a tad too large, but live and learn! The details of these pants are great, this is the bottom of the legs, there’s a pleat front and back. Tessuti Demi PantsAnd the pockets have a facing on them, they’re set into the side seams rather than having the inside pocket bag showing like many patterns do at the moment. Tessuti Demi PantsAnd here’s a totally crap picture of them hanging up, I will try to put a picture on Instagram when I wear them for the first time (username is finallywakingup). Tessuti Demi PantsThese are not the most flattering trousers in the world on me, probably due to their hugeness that is required for gut/stoma coverage, they’re very MC Hammer / CoCo the Clown, but they are so comfortable and cool looking that I’m going to wear them anyway and make another pair from some black linen I remembered I have. They will be cool and comfortable and give me something other than jogging bottoms or pyjamas after the operation, never thought it was possible to get fed up with wearing pjs… I didn’t put the row of stitching around the middle of the elastic as I want to be able to tighten it in the future if they wear well enough. This is a great pattern and worth the extra 16p I paid for spending Australian Dollars on my credit card!

Finally, for both this post and the fabric that has been in my stash for ages waiting to be used, I made another Fen shirt. This uses the shirt tail variation with the round neck. The fabric is double gauze and I stupidly didn’t buy enough to have a choice of patterns with it, I’ve pulled it and the other piece I bought out over and over and it’s never worked before. I managed to add 1.5″ in length which I did’t think would be enough but turns out it is. Fen ShirtThe neck came out a bit wide so I will narrow it for better bra strap coverage. Just as I’m not 6 ft tall just because I’m heavy, I also don’t have a huge head or a fat neck so I don’t need necklines to be wider than the smaller sizes, in fact I often need them narrower as my bra straps are wider. I am going to use the other piece of double gauze for another one like this so I can stop being annoyed by them hanging out in the stash taking up space.

So far this year I’ve sewn 29 things (I didn’t count the sock sack from the last post as it wasn’t my fabric) and used up 55 yards/metres of fabric. However, so far this year I’ve purchased 61 1/2 yards/metres, which doesn’t count what should arrive sometime today (think there’s 12 metres of that…). I have a stack of fabric that I’m going to give to the charity shop so I will add that to my used up total as it’s moving out of the stash. I’m happy with what I’ve been making, I seem to have found some sort of style that I want to follow along with and I’m making more things that actually can be worn together which is nice. I got tired of jogging bottoms and slobbing about even though I don’t really go out very much right now so I’m trying to wear nicer clothes. I sometimes feel that it’s a waste to wear nice things when I’m just sitting inside all the time, but it does actually make me feel better about myself if I am wearing things that are ‘me’ so I will carry on making things to fit into my current idea of who I am and what I want to look like. At some point I will begin leaving the house more again!


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