Can’t Think of a Title At All

So, I’ve been doing sewing and knitting but not much to actually show for it. My main sewing for a few weeks has been on a quilt so there’s a lot of this

Quilt Bitsbut not much else to show you. I’m halfway through it now and have been taking a break to work on some of the things I had cut out that were making me feel guilty. Of course as soon as I started making summer clothes the weather went horrible again, sorry about that…

There was a sale on the Lou Box Top pattern and Baseball Skirt patterns together so I decided to see what the fuss was about and picked them up. I don’t really need any more shirt patterns like this, I have plenty in my collection, so I’ll be looking for different styles from now on. This one isn’t bad, quick and easy and a nice plain shirt. I did add length as I like tops to hit me at the hip bone, it could have done with a little more length but I was using up a piece of fabric I’ve had in my stash for years now (bought from Ditto if I recall) just to check the fit. If I make the shirt again I’ll make a larger size. I didn’t want it too baggy so I went down a size and it fits me fine but isn’t the style that is intended. Annoyingly I must have been confident that I was making the perfect size as I cut the pattern so I’ll have to print it and stick it together again…
Lou Box Top and Baseball SkirtLou Box Top and Baseball Skirt

Whereas I’m a bit blah about the top, I really like the skirt and it’s become this summer’s skirt obsession. If you’ve been reading my blog a while you’ll remember that I tend to get obsessed with a skirt pattern every few years and make a ton of them. I still have a good collection of printed cotton skirts from prior binges but what I need is some plain skirts to go with my printed shirts and I’ve found the pattern for that.
Baseball SkirtThis fabric is some kind of textured synthetic from Abakhan I’d assume, I wanted to try the pattern out for fit etc. so just grabbed something that I thought would work and I really really like it so that’s a bonus! I lengthened the front of the skirt so it’s the same as the back, I’ve lived through the high/low thing twice now and haven’t been a fan either time. You know a pattern is a keeper when you finish sewing it and it goes right back onto the cutting out pile with another piece of fabric! I have two of these cut out waiting to go, one in a sort of army green and the other in black, comfortable and useful, can’t beat that really. I left off the waist tie. My middle is my widest part, especially as I’ve not been able to exercise and with the stoma, so the last thing I need is anything adding to that.

As planned I whipped up another Fen shirt with the second piece of double gauze I had in my stash. I think with the shirts I have cut out (and one planned) I have enough for this summer now so I will stop with the simple shirts for a bit. I love this fabric and am happy I’ll get to wear it. I added about 2″ to the length and did the V neck version using bias binding turned inside rather than the technique called for in the pattern, it worked well for a bodge job!

I’ve been knitting quite a bit, I’ve swapped to simple stocking or garter stitch projects as I just can’t seem to count or concentrate on anything harder. This has left a mass of projects abandoned, but I’ll get to them one day! I’ve also ended up buying yarn, even though I tried to find patterns to use up stash yarn. I’ve been making a simple top using Drops Belle and it’s really nice, so nice that I ordered yarn for the other version that the pattern has. I’ve also bought some nice linen from Etsy, in fact I’ve become a little linen obsessed and have 3 orders on the go, opps! However, it’s cheap and a lot of it is organic and comes from Europe so I don’t feel too bad about it! I should have two projects to show you soon, I’m saving the last few episodes of Fringe, which I’ve been binge watching whilst making the Belle jumper, to finish it off so it should be done soon. I also have another Easy shawl almost done, I’m motivated to get that off the needles as I have yarn for a big aran cotton shawl arriving soon that I want to cast on for! It’s nice to be knitting again, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t picking it up and then realised that I was asking too much of my brain with the patterns I usually make and now I’ve figured it out I’m off again!

I managed to get through the whole round 6 of chemo, but then the skin fell off the bottom of my feet (for the second time) and I wasn’t allowed to continue until it cut it out. That took 2 weeks (the usual break between cycles is 1 week). I was ready to go on Friday to pick up the pills when they rang to say that my platelets were too low and I couldn’t start until I’d seen the Professor again. I went yesterday to see him and he showed me my platelets on a graph (they have a new computer system and he’s very proud when he figures things out on it!). I think I’ve mentioned before that I have ITP which means that I always have low platelets as my spleen thinks they’re evil and cleans them up for me, the Professor pointed out that the fact they had been so high was the anomaly, and they’ve now gone back down to my usual levels (you are supposed to have them above 100 to have treatment, mine were 77 last blood test). So, he over rode the computer system to say I could continue treatment and I had to drive to the other hospital to go to the Oncology unit and get the pills. I started round 6 (of 8) this morning and we’ll see how it goes. I’m fed up with it and with the extended breaks between cycles it feels like it’s going to go on forever and ever. I was just starting to feel a little bit better after 2.5 weeks off and now I’m going to go back into the fog. I noticed the other day that I could actually write a bit better, I knew I was finding it hard to remember words and my writing was worse than it’s normal terrible state so it was nice to be able to use a pen properly again. Saying that I had to fill out a form yesterday evening and Jim pointed out to me that I’d gotten our post code very wrong on it, lord knows where those numbers came from!

So, I intend to finish off a few more garments and then it’s back to the quilt. I was looking through what I had stashed away quilt wise and discovered that I have about 11 quilt tops planned with fabric bought for them (and half of those I have backing/binding for too) so I should probably get to work on them, especially as I have quite a few clothes now. The ones that are waiting either cut or uncut will be the end of my ‘summer’ sewing I think so I can concentrate on the quilts, at least the simpler ones, the paper piecing one will have to wait until after chemo as my brain finds that hard without the fog. Hopefully I’ll have knitting to show you while I’m quilting so I won’t disappear for as long again!


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