More Knitting Than Sewing

You do one thing for ages and ages and then suddenly you change what you’re doing and something else becomes the habit or obsession of that period. For about 2/3 of the chemo I read and read and read, which meant that only plain knitting that could be done without looking at what was happening. Then, probably with the Olympics when I swapped the books for the tv, I suddenly began knitting all the time and watching tv programmes. So, a lot fewer books have been read the last two months or so, but a lot of tv has been consumed and thus, I have knits to show you!

Courtesy of the Olympics I finished off my second Vitamin D cardigan. I used the same yarn, Freedom Gorgeous, as the first version as I love the drape of the bamboo/acrylic mix. I wear this cardigan all the time in the blue so I’m hoping to get some use from this one, plus introduce a new colour into my wardrobe as I’m not much of a purple person.

VitaminDVitamin D

This is probably the only pattern I don’t mind knitting short rows on as they make sense and you can put them down and pick them up. The construction of this has you do the yoke, then the sleeves and then finish the rest, I was at half of the first sleeve when the Olympics started and cast off near the end so that was good progress! I had less yarn than last time and I thought I had accounted for that by shortening the sleeves a bit, but it seems that I didn’t leave enough or my gauge was different this time as I only managed to pick up, knit a row and then cast off around the front edges at the end rather than knitting the required amount of rows. No one will notice I’m sure as it’s neatly finished and looks fine, but it was a little puzzling! There is also a single yo missing on one of the fronts as obviously an exciting event was occurring when I was supposed to be putting it in, but I was far enough along not to want to go back and fix it!

Next up is the very popular Campside shawl. This was one that I cast on, put down and then suddenly picked up again and wouldn’t stop on until it was done. I think I was watching Arrow and the first season of The Flash when I knit this. I enjoyed Arrow so much that when I finished the 4 series available online I started from the beginning again until series 5 was out on DVD!

Campside ShawlCampside Shawl

This was an easy knit and I used a 4 ply cotton rather than a DK to make it a little lighter. The yarn is Drops Safran which is a lovely soft cotton, I’m using it for another shawl at the moment and will definitely buy more for future 4 ply patterns.

Although I like the shawl there is something about the pattern design that bothers me. I don’t know if it was avoidable or not, but when you move from one spacing of yos to the next you end up with some right under others rather than spaced nicely. It just offends my eyes when I see it for some reason. Hopefully I will forget about it with time and wear it without being annoyed about it! I checked lots of pictures on Ravelry to make sure I wasn’t going wrong with my counting, but sure enough every version has the holes like that.

Next up was my second Simple Tee by Churchmouse Yarns. I cast this on right after finishing the tunic version using the same yarn, Drops Belle, and then it sat until Series 5 of Arrow and Series 2 of The Flash came out during which I finished it off!

Simple TeeSimple Tee

This jumper is exactly what I wanted it to be, plain and navy blue, easy to throw on over things and a simple contrast to my brightly coloured shirts and t-shirts. I love the yarn and I love the jumper pattern. I’m half considering buying more of the yarn in another colour for a third version in the future!

Finally, we have the first of the Prison Break knits. I’ve just started series 4 (yes, I know I’m 10 years behind the times but it took The Flash to make me fall for Wentworth Miller!) and have been working on a few different things whilst watching it, at the moment another huge simple shawl has really stuck and I’m powering through it. I knit these Dashing Mits in two sittings really, they’re very easy. I had to go down several needle sizes and I cut the length of the cuff from 24 to 9 rows as I didn’t want them to go right up my arms (and wouldn’t have had enough yarn anyway).
Dashing MitsDashing Mits

This yarn is Drops Paris (I am loving Drops yarn at the moment in case you can’t tell!). I have another 2 pairs of fingerless mits planned as it gets chilly in the house during the day but I need my fingers to type!

So, that’s that for now. There is still plenty on the needles as I’m casting on about as fast as I finish, although I am trying to get the older projects done and I really need to work on the jumper I started for Jim as he’ll grow out of it this winter if I don’t hurry. Shawls still seem to be the order of the day, I have two on the needles right now and plenty more planned. Maybe I’m starting to feel the chill as the weather changes!

I have some sewing to show you too at some point, although I’ve slowed right down on that too as I’ve been starting to relocate my sewing room and listing tons of things in my Etsy shop so that I can fit into the smaller space I’m going into. I have tons of sewing projects planned, but I need to start working on my PhD again really so I can get back into it before I return after Christmas so progress might be slow. It’s another change and I know my sewing mojo ebbs and flows, at the moment I’m just interested in other ways of making things but the sewing enthusiasm will come back in time, it always does.

Oh, and I saw the surgeon last week, she answered some questions I’d been pondering and was very nice to me when I blubbed on her (it’s easier to think about cancer than to talk about cancer I find). I have a date for my stoma reversal of 8th November. There is a small chance that it could be earlier but I have a CT scan to go to at the end of October so it probably won’t move, plus they need to make sure my platelets are playing along with it all and everything else in the blood work has stabilised after the chemo. I can’t wait to have this done, I accept that the stoma was necessary and could have been a life saver as it allowed everything else time to heal. It was also a sanity saver during chemo as having to sit on the toilet rather than just getting up every few hours in the night to empty the bag would have driven me to the brink. However, my body is changing shape now I’m doing a bit of exercise again and have stopped eating everything in sight like I was at the end of the chemo and things within the stoma have also moved about meaning that I’ve had a horrid couple of months as I talked about earlier where it’s been horrid and leaky. I’m grateful I had it but I’m ready to be done with it now for sure!


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