All Go or No Go

It seems like I’m either sewing non-stop or I’m stopped completely at the moment, no idea what that is but at least I’m getting things made during those frenzies. I am aware that after Christmas, when I go back to University, that sewing time will become limited again, so I’m trying to make the most of the time I have now. I’m also trying to at least break even on the fabric bought vs fabric used scale this year. Yes, I’ve sewn a ton of things, at the moment my tally is at 56 items, but I’ve also bought a crap ton of fabric so the stash hasn’t seen a reduction at all and I’d like it to be at least a few metres down in the final count, especially as the yarn has taken a big bump in the upwards direction too this year….

Anyway, I finally stuck together the bits I needed from the mega huge Lottie pattern, moved the bust dart, narrowed the neckline and changed my mind about the fabric at the last second (I had out plaid and couldn’t be bothered to try to match it) and gave it a go to see whether I liked it or not.
Lottie DressLottie Dress

Obviously this is the 3/4 sleeve option with pockets, the fabric was from The Textile Centre. I have plans now I’ve made it and assessed the fit to try out some of the hacks that the designer posted on her blog, but one of those is a summer version so it can wait a little bit. I do like the pattern, the bust dart is great where it is and the neckline is good being cut about 4 sizes smaller.

In fact, I liked sewing it so much that a week or so later I decided to use up a piece of flannel I’ve had in my stash for a few years now. I bought it wanting to make a dress but didn’t think about the fact it was a 45″ wide fabric so I didn’t get enough and it’s sat there waiting and waiting ever since which has been annoying because, not only do I love it, but it was pretty damn expensive… Anyway, cue Lottie top with pockets.
Lottie TopLottie Top

The colour is wrong in both those pictures, it has a more dark turquoise shade to it with black design. I wore this the other day and it’s super comfortable and cozy warm, I didn’t need a cardigan over it! I added 1.5″ to the length of the shirt (next time I will move the pockets down about an inch too) and 7″ to the length of the sleeves to make them full length. I’ve probably mentioned this before but I love 3/4 length sleeves, but with winter clothing when you have that length sleeve on both your shirt and your cardigan/jumper you have cold wrists the whole time so I’m making an effort to add a few full length sleeves to my wardrobe. I had to taper the sleeves to fit them on the fabric but I like the way they look so I’ll probably do it again. I have ordered some more flannel for another of these I hope. Oh, I also made a size smaller than the pattern said I should for my measurements. I wanted a slightly closer fit and less sack-like feel to these and they fit me just how I want so I’m happy with the size choice.

A very quick makes was this Peaseholme Top using some lovely sweater knit from Fabworks. So lovely in fact that I tried to go and buy more and was very disappointed to find it’s sold out… Anyway, I made this t-shirt a size bigger than I’d use for the v-neck or round neck versions as I want to wear it over things. I’m very happy with how it came out. This was so simple there’s really nothign to say about it!
Peaseholme Top

From the same fabric I made my first Stylearc pattern, the Sunny Top. Sunny TopSunny Top

I’d read that their instructions were brief but holy briefness, one page for a pattern is indeed brief. I find the fact that each size is in a different pdf a bit annoying as if you want to grade between sizes or decide to go smaller or bigger you have to start all over again which seems like a waste of paper. I saw the other day that they’re trying multiple sizes in one pdf so maybe they will change. I also find their sizing horrid to work out. They state that sizing is all important in making something look how you want and then give you a size 10 and the inches each size increases but you have to do the math yourself. It’s not hard, but when you’re trying to figure out the difference between a 10 and an 18 and also work in how much ease you want it’s a little frustrating, especially at the price they charge (I bought this one in a sale).

Anyway, despite those minor frustrations I am totally in love with this top and I have two more versions planned. It’s really comfortable and fun to wear as well as being easily sewn on the overlocker. I’ve seen someone online wearing a woven top with a similar shape, minus the ‘skirt’ bit, and I’m wondering if I can adapt this pattern by making a larger sleeve size or if I need a specific woven pattern, has anyone seen one?

Moving on, ages and ages ago I found some fabric I loved from The Textile Centre on Ebay and knew I wanted to try out the Lady Skater dress with it. I’ve had this pattern in the back of my mind forever, really since seeing Helen made a load of them after it first came out, now I understand why she kept making them!  I was unsure whether it was me or not, but in this fabric decided yes it would be and bought the pattern. I had problems getting it to print right, didn’t matter which programme I used or how I set it, the lines didn’t match up. The lovely designer not only printed the pattern out and posted it to me, but she also assembled it too which is going above and beyond, I am a bit ashamed that after her wonderful effort it took me so long to use it, but I did use it twice in a week once I got going! Lady Skater DressLady Skater Dress

This is The Textile Centre version (on Ebay they’re still selling this fabric for a very reasonable price I saw the other day). The weight is great and it has lovely drape so I think this is going to be a really comfortable wear. I did try to wear it right away but as I’d starched the hem I had to take it off and put it in the wash as the smell gave me a headache…

I ordered some fabric from Fabworks to make another one. I’d not tried scuba before and it was in their end of summer sale in a print I adored so I decided to give it a go. Sadly, I’m not impressed, I don’t like the feel of it at all and it’s not got as much stretch as I’d like for this dress. I’m sure I will wear it but I won’t be buying scuba again for sure… Lady Skater

I’ll make more of these definitely, my knits stash is not safe. Any dress you can make in about 90 minutes mainly on an overlocker is a win for me!

Plenty more to show you but I want to go and sew now instead of typing about it.

I will leave you with some cross stitch I did quickly (well, quickly twice as I inverted the quote the first time and knew it’d annoy me so I did it again). I have really been enjoying things Wentworth Miller has been in lately. I’m sure I’ve mentioned I watched all of Prison Break, but I’m also a fan of the DC shows like Flash and Legends of Tomorrow and his Captain Cold is brilliant. Anyway, I was reading an interview he gave a while back and came across a quote that really made me think about how I have been living and thinking and was something I wanted to remember and remind myself of, so I used an online cross stitch pattern maker and this is now framed on my bedroom wall.

Wentworth Miller Quote Cross Stitch

He has a lot of very sensible things to say, and something that adds weight to his words for me is the fact that he’s six months older than I am, it’s reassuring that I’m not the only person in their early 40s still figuring this shit out and working at finding ways to create balance and alignment in their lives. Not really what you expect to find when you’re reading about someone playing a convict or a super villain but he gives good interview as well as being a talented actor!

More soon!


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