Winter 2016 Pyjama Parade

It was time for the winter pyjamas to be made. Trying once again to stash bust with these I pulled out fabrics that needed to be used up in both terms of not having enough left for larger sizes and the fact that the boys might find the prints too young for them if I left it much longer.

Piggle has a pair of Olaf fleece pyjamas in his drawer that he loves and should still fit so I just did him two pairs this time around. I used Kwik Sew Sewing for Children, amazingly my ‘baby’ is now in the large size.

The first pair I took an inch off the trousers (you’re supposed to take length off any edge you add a ribbed band to but it’s an easy way of adding length and making them last longer to not bother) but none of the other seams.

KSSFC Pyajams

This fabric is quite amazing, Piggle had a nappy made from it and Jim had summer pyjamas when he was a toddler. It’s all gone now but it served us well! The bottoms are sweatshirt fleece probably last used when Jim started nursery 10 years ago, also all gone now!

In the contrasting tastes of a 9 year old child, Piggle loves pink. He found this stretch terry in my fabric stash and claimed it, as I’ve had it for a really long time and have never figured out what to use it for I was happy to finally do something with it.

KSSFC Pyjamas

Same patterns but this time I didn’t take any length off any of the edges so they will fit him for longer. He loves them and wears them as soon as they come out of the wash so we’re both happy.

Jim is right at the edge of Kwik Sew Sewing for Children sizes. I traced the XL size and used the sweatshirt pattern for the tops for him to give a bit more width. Again, I didn’t take any length off any of the edges before adding bands to them. A rare modelled shot, check out that 13 year old boy slouch (and ignore my sports bra hanging in the background)!

KSSFC Pyjamas

I dyed this fabric, the cotton velour bottoms were a pale turquoise which would have been fine for a baby but not for a teenage boy. The top fabric and ribbing was white so none of it came out the same shade but they’re pyjamas so I can live with it. I forgot when tracing the sweatshirt that as it was wider I would need more fabric so the sleeves on this top are actually cut in two pieces (one going across the grain..) and seamed together. I bought this fabric for Jim probably 10 years ago and used pretty much every inch I could of it making this! Seeing the sleeve length on this top I added an inch to the second pair to give him growing room.

Still have a small bit of the cars left but that was the end of the turquoise sherpa, still a few more colours remain in my stash from my nappy making days though.

KSSFC Pyjamas
He’s happy with both pairs which is a big win for a grumpy 13 year old.

I wanted to use up a length of flannel I got from Abakhan, I think. I bought a Kwik Sew adult pattern thinking that I could use the small size for Jim but it turned out to be too large, it will come in handy in future years though. I found Burda 9747 on a site with a 40% off sale so threw it in with some fabric, it goes up to age 15. I’ve got them cut out but not made yet, I’ll get to them eventually I’m sure and post them when they’re done. This has been a draft for over a month not so I figure it’s time to get it posted so I can move on to newer posts.


2 thoughts on “Winter 2016 Pyjama Parade

  1. I love all the jammies you make…they are adorable…(I don’t suppose a 13 year old likes his jammies called that…so his are sweet!)…

    ~Have a lovely day!

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