Last Makes of 2016

Final bits and pieces that I’ve not blogged about yet just to have it all recorded!

I made two final sock sacks for my sister for Christmas at her request. Again these were stash fabrics, but I did have to buy zips and found a really reasonably priced bundle of about 25 zips on Ebay that will keep me going for a while (I ordered 12″ zips as you can cut them down but can’t make them longer!).

Sock SackSock SackNext up I made a sack. I knew from the pattern (it’s a Butterick but I don’t know the number as I chucked it in the pile to get rid of when I finished this project) that it was going to be a bit shapeless, and actually I wanted it to be a bit big and loose. What I forget when I make things like this is that I’m not 5 inches taller and angular so on me garments this shape aren’t all that flattering.
Butterick ? TunicThe fabric was from Fabricland in Brighton a few years back and I love it so I will wear it, probably under cardigans or under dungarees or my dungaree dresses but I need to think about these styles more in the future before committing fabric to them unless I want to look rounder than I already am.

I bought Jim a Kindle for Christmas so of course he had to have a case to go with it. I picked out these fabrics ages ago for him but didn’t get around to making it until right before Christmas!
Kindle CaseKindle CaseHe was happy with it so it was a win, it’s a little wonky but I can live with it.

I made a Guerrier shawl using some Yarntopia Treasures Egyptian Cotton in Honeysuckle. This was supposed to be a tank top but I realised I’d never wear it so found something else to do with the yarn. I have some left over that I intend to make fingerless mittens with, it’s in a bag with the needles and pattern I just need to cast on.
Guerrier ShawlGuerrier ShawlGuerrier ShawlI love this yarn, the colours are fabulous and it was lovely to work with, but I didn’t really enjoy this pattern. I found the staggered rib hard to get my head around for some reason and it made those sections really drag. You can see I’ve not blocked it which is because I was a bit fed up with it by the time I finished. Also, even though I went up a needle size I still only used just under 700 yards, whereas the pattern says I’d need 880-900 yards, I can’t figure that out at all unless it’s based on buying full skeins but not using all of one… Anyway, it’s done and I will wear it once I am done being annoyed with it, I may even block it, who knows!

Over Christmas I finished my Mercury socks and I’m really happy with them. The yarn is Bamboo Cotton sock from Yarntopia Treasures again in the colourway Freebird. The colours are lighter than in this photo, I would post the picture of the skein when I bought it but the colours are off in that too!
Mercury Socks I am really happy with these. I did a Fish Lips Kiss heel on them and my standard toe. I started the FLK heel an inch above the heel as I said in my sock post, I still don’t know if I like it or not but I’ll see how it wears. I am really happy with the fit on these so I will definitely be carrying on with casting on less stitches for my socks. I got past the heel of one of my plain socks as well and started a shawl and made some progress on that, 8 hours on trains gives you some knitting time!

I had hoped to get at least one more thing off the needles and some sewing done but I’m greeting the new year with a bad cold so those plans were dashed…

Hilariously my brain seems to think that I might run out of yarn while I am avoiding purchasing more for my stash. So, in the last 2 days of 2016, knowing that I wasn’t buying yarn from today, I bought yarn for 6 jumpers/cardigans. Of course I’m going to have time and be in need of that many more garments on top of all the others I already have yarn for… Oh well, it’ll get used at some point and it was all on sale at good prices, it’s just funny how the mind works sometimes!

Happy 2017 crafting to you all!


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