Move It All About

So I’ve mentioned that we moved half the house about in order for Piggle and Jim to finally have their own bedrooms. They’ve been sharing a room since Piggle came home from the hospital so that’s 9.5 years now, and sitting at home for a year looking at how things were allocated made me realise that my having 3 rooms to myself (office, sewing room and bedroom) while they shared one bedroom wasn’t all that fair and didn’t make much sense. So we slowly started shifting things about. It was like one of those games with the squares where you have to move them about in the right order to make the picture. Every single room in the house barring the kitchen and downstairs bathroom had something moved out or in to it and often in order to move that thing three other things would have had to be moved first. A lot has gone to the charity shop a lot has been thrown away. I will finish decluttering at some point but there was/is a lot of clutter to work through.

Just after Christmas we finally got it all finished, except for a piece of furniture to house half my yarn stash. I think it’s really amazing that we managed to move so much about and only needed to buy one piece of furniture. Everything else either stayed in its previous job or took on a new role. The chest of drawers in my sewing room that held my patterns was Piggle’s chest of drawers in the last house and has gone back to that role now. The green striped fabric drawers that I bought to hold Jim’s nappies over 13 years ago held my yarn for a long time and is now toy storage in Piggle’s room. Chairs have moved here and there, my FQ holding book-case from the sewing room now holds the few novels I decided to keep on the upstairs landing. As I said, it took a lot of moving to and fro but it also took a lot of planning, I had a master sheet of paper that we kept referring to that said what was going where and what we needed! I did buy Piggle a desk and chair for his room, it isn’t something he technically needed as he still does his homework at the kitchen table, but he wanted it for his new room and I figured we weren’t spending money on anything else for him (except little things like curtain fabric, a desk lamp and a rug) so why not.

So, my new sewing room is my old office. It wasn’t a great place to work all day every day as it has no window and a strip light (also amusingly to begin with and less so as time went on, it is under the bathroom of the house next door, they used to be one house in the past, so you would often get to listen to people having a wee), it’s also pretty cold. I found myself working at the kitchen table a lot and I have a desk (antique one with a fold down front that belonged to my Grandfather) in the living room too. Plus I can sit on the sofa and read or write on the computer, so once I’d figured out where to put all the paper and the office furniture we were away. I think it is probably just a little bigger than my sewing room in the last house. I have different storage now, and this new room has a lot of built-in storage which made things easier. Anyway, I will show you around!

This is the view from the doorway. You literally can’t get a full shot of any of the walls besides this one as the room is too small! There is just enough floor space to pull out my chair really, but the door hits it when it’s out. Cosy…

Sewing RoomSo that’s all my fabric, the boxes hold fabric for specific quilts and the baskets on the floor are what’s for sale in my Etsy shop.

This is my sewing table to the right of the door. It has my machine, my overlocker and those boxes hold things like machine needles, overlocker parts that I don’t know how to use, labels, magnetic snaps etc.
Sewing RoomThis is over the desk, see lots of storage built in!

Sewing RoomThere are knitting books, sewing books, pdf patterns (I must put away those ones on top, lazy me) and regular patterns. Yes, from an entire chest of drawers full of printed sewing patterns to two baskets of the ones I will actually use, serious decluttering… Behind the baskets on the top shelf is batting still in the package and the basket behind the pdf patterns has odds and ends like my ball winder and swift.

Funny story about the books, I thinned my sewing library a lot, I had a ton of vintage books that I just never looked at. Postage is silly so I didn’t want to list them in my shop and the big local secondhand book shop didn’t want them. They were sitting in the porch looking sad for ages and then I finally gave them to one of the District Nurses who came to change my dressings as she’s very into knitting and sewing. Don’t think she was expecting that when she called but she was very happy to have them!

This is moving round to the left of the sewing table.

Sewing RoomThat cupboard has folders, my Big Shot cutter and one side is full of FQs and half yards of quilting fabric. On top is bits of leftover batting. The square baskets hold things like zips, ribbon, elastic etc. The white box has traced off patterns, I thinned it out by getting rid of all the Ottobre ones (I sold the magazines) and things the boys had grown out of, eventually I think I won’t need it any more. Those white boxes were my original pattern storage way back in Liverpool, I started off with a few and eventually had a towering stack of them! There are two sewing machines stashed down there along with the hard case for the one on the table and the baskets on top hold my quilting fabric scraps. You can’t see but in the back corner are two clear plastic storage boxes with largish scraps (for pocket linings and facings) and two wicker baskets with quilts in progress in them. The pillows need to be mended, Piggle’s curtain fabric is glaring at me there and the owl fabric is for something I’m not sure I’m going to make now so I need to put it away.

And moving to the other side of the fabric stash, this is the opposite wall from the sewing table.

Sewing RoomPoor dressform shoved in the corner. I need to mend those pyjama bottoms and take that shawl upstairs. This house has a stupid amount of hooks, I mean really stupid. There is about three times this many in the hallway outside this room and the downstairs bathroom has a long run too. I guess farmers have a lot to hang up! There was no wall space to hang up my sewing pictures to they’re just balanced there. There are hooks on the back of the door too where I’ve hung a bag of interfacing and my to be donated scraps bag.

The bags have old knitting projects that I’m working my way through. I must finish that cross stitch sampler, it’s been on November for about 3 years now… The hanging baskets have more bags and my starch, the bottom one has my EPP papers in it too.

This is what’s under the table! Two thread racks and a wheelie storage unit (was in my old house sewing room, became Piggle’s bedside table, now back in the sewing room). The things stuffed in the bottom of the unit are cut out projects waiting to be finished/started. To the right is my quilting table for my machine and my button box. To the right are cutting mats and quilting rulers

Sewing RoomSo, as I said, there wasn’t enough room for my yarn to go in the new sewing room. My landlord and landlady kindly moved my glass fronted cabinet down the stairs for me and I started looking about for a cabinet to house the big blue Ikea bag of yarn sitting in my hallway. The closest antique place (secondhand furniture is really hard to find when you live in the middle of nowhere so antique centres tend to be the only choice) was refurbishing so there wasn’t a lot there last time we went. They re-opened earlier this week so I popped over yesterday and found just the kind of thing I was looking for at not a bad price. It’s one of those 60’s/70’s bits of furniture that’s designed to look older and it’s a book-case so the shelves are sturdy when you’re shoving yarn in it.

This is the view along my hallway, stairs on the left. The stuff at the end of the hall is my sister’s from when she was staying with us so it’ll move out at some point, I had nowhere else to store it!
Knitting StorageAnd this is the view taken from the stairs, hard to get a shot in a narrow space!
Knitting StorageThis tall glass cabinet I bought for the kitchen of my last house as it didn’t have very many cupboards. This house has a ton of cupboards so it was repurposed and I love seeing the yarn in it. The yarn on top is some bulky acrylic that I’m supposed to be crocheting into animal head cushions (for about 4 years now) and some aran weight acrylic that I decided earlier will be sweaters for the boys at some point.
Knitting StorageThe top shelf is shawl yarn, next shelf down is sock yarn and below that is sweater or shawl (in balls rather than skeins) quantities. I bought a load of organza bags from Ebay to put my yarn in as I find the plastic bags annoying and slippy. It looks so much nicer this way and they stay put better so I’m glad I did. I actually ran out just before the end and thought I’d order more, then I realised that I’m supposed to be cutting down on yarn so I will stick with the number I have and once I get the stash down to that level try not to exceed it again!

So this is the new cabinet
Yarn StorageIt’s just got sweater/shawl quantities of yarn in it bagged up in the amounts required for the project that it’s earmarked for. The big gap on left of the top shelf is to hold this
YarnThat’s all my leftovers which are full balls or multiple balls that are enough for a small project. I just chucked them all in that drawer so they need a way to be held nicely. I saw some nice baskets in TK Maxx so I’m going to take the measurements next time I go and see if one will fit. If not then Tesco have plastic storage baskets that aren’t too ugly so I’ll just get one of those.

And this is the top of the new cabinet.
Knitting StorageI watched a YouTube video the other day that was just under 40 minutes of a knitter talking about how she organised her needles. I watched it purely because I couldn’t believe it could take 40 minutes to do that, but it did because she had so damnmany of them. Also The Yarn Hoarder talked about needle storage on her latest podcast and she has an amazing amount of needles. I don’t need to bore you with a podcast or video, that is my needle storage. Every pair I own that aren’t in a project are there. Straights in the jug (idea stolen from Amy of Knitty about 12 years ago), the red lidded box (ex Body Shop present also about 12 years ago) holds all my dpns and the basket on top of that has all my circulars and crochet hooks (I will need a larger basket for those soon but it will still fit right there). That’s it, tour done!

The tins hold stitch markers, stitch holders and cable needles. The basket to the right has empty project bags (yes, I do have some!), a few patterns that I’ve printed off and a row counter. The basket was my Grandma’s and she used to carry it to the shops when I was a child, we were spoiled if she let us carry it for a bit. My Mother was just going to throw it away so I claimed it. It’s a little bashed from age and for a few years it’s lived in my car full of hats and gloves, but it’s moved up in the world into the house again and I love seeing it there!

I’m really happy that it’s all organised and sorted. The yarn is nice to look at and hopefully seeing it like this will make me want to use it up more than when it was hidden away. The sewing room is easy to work in and I’ve only almost killed myself once when I stepped off the chair onto one of the Etsy baskets and nearly fell over, but I’m not the most co-ordinated of people at the best of times… The sewing room is right beside the kitchen so I can pop in an do two seams whilst dinner is cooking. I do have to have the ironing board in the kitchen but I guess that means I get up and move about more and it’s closer than where I had to have it in the old house.

So, that’s my long-winded tour of a small space! I have been knitting and sewing so there will be things to show at some point soon.


4 thoughts on “Move It All About

  1. Wow! That is a whole lot of organisation! I always start with a plan to group my stash and then get side-tracked in the middle of sorting it out… usually by casting something on LOL

  2. Margaret Chacos says:

    It all looks greatšŸ˜ƒ My so called sewing room is more like a yarn/wool storage room at this point! I have bins of yarn and roving filling a closet. The floor space is taken up with my spinning wheel, loom, and large tri loom. Can’t remember the last time I really sewed! It’s so good to hear that you are feeling better and enjoying your projects. Take care.

  3. Jo says:

    I am waiting for my eldest to go to university then I may get a sewing room, mind you the rest of the family have designs on his room too!!

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