In the Bag(s)

I finally managed my first sewing for the year, and it became a tad obsessive. As I seem to be a bit fixated with my knitting right now the sewing was all about the knitting! I wanted some new project bags. The last time I made some (barring the sock sack marathon pre-Christmas) I made plain tote bags and they’re all getting a bit boring and tatty now so I wanted something better and brighter. I had a look at a very long thread on Ravelry about home sewn project bags and the pattern that came up over and over again was a paid one on Craftsy called Sock Sack in Three Sizes by Ramona Rose. There are free patterns in this style, including the zipped centre pouch which is an addition to this pattern included at the end, but they are all a single size and I wanted something that would fit a jumper or cardigan in without having to do the math myself, so I paid my money and away I went.

I started off with two of the small two at a time sock bags. They have a little flap on each side that holds the yarn in place so it doesn’t get twisted, which meant hand sewing some snaps on which I didn’t enjoy. I don’t really need any more sock bags, but having just started my first two at a time socks and having issues with yarn management I figured I practice the bag by making the small ones. Also, I used up some of the fabric I just bought and got more FQs out of my fabric stash so that was a bonus!
Sock SackSock SackI love these batik prints and I always seem to buy purple ones which is odd as I don’t really buy purple in anything else. I also love Grunge, what doesn’t it go with? I’m getting to the end of what I bought and will probably have enough projects with it once it’s done!

This leaf print had to be cut this direction as otherwise I couldn’t get the inner pocket cut but I don’t mind. The inner is Oakshot which I bought ages and ages ago, I have about 10 FQs of the stuff and I never seem to use it so I thought what the hell and drug it out. It’s pretty thin but just the right shade for this.
Sock SackSock SackAlong with the small bags I made the largest size which is called the Sweater Sack. It uses two half yards (the small ones take 2 FQs). Again with the Grunge inner and I finally used one of my cassette half yards (I have the other colourway too) and found a neon zip for the inside!
Sweater SackSweater SackI have to say on completing this I was a little disappointed with the size. I had hoped it would be bigger and I didn’t think it would fit a sweater, it seemed more like a large shawl or kids jumper size. However, I have managed to put all the yarn for my next cast on in one of these along with the needles and the pattern and it fits really well so they are deceptively big.

Being me, I finished these and cut some more and went back in the next day to begin making them! Two more large-sized bags using up fabrics from the stash that have been hanging around forever and a day.
Sweater SackSweater SackGrunge in blue for a change!
Sweater SackSweater SackSo, getting the most out of the pattern and using up stash fabric I cut out another two and lined up fabric for another 3 after that! I am rather obsessive, I know, but when you’re in the mood to sew something useful you might as well go with it… It’s also using up cord and zips and snaps and whatnot from my stash which is good. I did buy the black ribbon stuff and 4 metres of interfacing for these (and some white cord/ribbon) in the 50% off sale but the rest I already owned. The bag pattern doesn’t call for interfacing but I wanted the bags to have a little bit of shape and also to prevent needles from poking through so I interfaced the outside fabric on all but one bag (and wish I’d done that one). I ran out of interfacing right at the last bag so had to use a different one from my bag of random interfacing.

Another sweater sized bag using a print I’ve loved for ages, it’s nice to see it in a big piece rather than cutting it up for quilt blocks.Sweater Sack Sweater Sack

Then I kind of got into doing two at a time socks on magic loop, and I have some socks on the needles that I’m working on concurrently so there were two balls of yarn floating around, so I made another 2 of the sock sacks.
Sock SackSock Sack The outside FQ was from the closing down sale of the other fabric shop (which is opening up in a different location that isn’t as easy for me to get to, they apparently didn’t like being retired or so their flyer said) and more Oakshot on the inside.
Sock SackSock Sack

No idea where this Japanese fabric came from and I’ve not taken a picture of it showing the little pink cat which is the cutest bit, but again more Oakshot on the inside. I’m apparently done being precious over how much is cost and will chop into it all the time!

Yeah, so then I did another sweater sized sack using some Japanese cotton that I got the last time I went to the Knitting and Stitching show at Harrogate (3 years ago maybe?). I have one more half metre piece of this cotton and a matching Oakshot half metre, not sure what I’ll use those for yet.

Sweater SackSweater Sack Still with me and my obsessive sewing?!?

I wondered what the shawl sack size was actually like. I hadn’t thought I’d want it, figuring that they could just go in the sweater sack size as a bag being too big was better than too small. Then I put one in and it kind of floated about as the bag was much too big for it. So, you know what happened next…
Shawl SackShawl Sack

You didn’t really think one would be enough did you?
Shawl BagShawl Bag

I realised I had an uneven number of sweater sacks. If you’ve been here for any length of time you know I’m not a fan of uneven numbers if I’m making collections of things (unless it’s 5, I like the number 5). Yes, I realise how odd I sound, but after 44 years of living with my brain it’s easier just to go with it and make a few more, plus they were fun and easy and using up stash.

This fabric my parents bought from a place that made fabric (really descriptive I know) when they were on holiday a few years back. As it’s a thick fabric I didn’t interface it and I wish I had as it’s really really floppy. But there you go, it’s done and I used the fabric finally.
Sweater BagSweater BagFor some reason I bought a half yard of this bike fabric in 3 colourways. I don’t like riding a bike… It must have been on mega sale is all I can think.

I discovered when I turned this bag right side out that I’d missed a chunk of the drawstring piece out when I sewed it so I had to turn it inside out again and re-sew it. I discovered at that point that I had only been sewing up one side of the turning hole on each bag. For some reason it never occurred to me that if I was leaving a gap at the bottom that it would be at both sides of the zipped pouch and not just one. The final few bags I sewed one side down with the machine so there was only a hole on one side and the earlier bags are making their way slowly into the sewing room to have their second hole sewn shut.

So, at this point, if you’ve been counting, I have 8 sweater sacks, 4 socks sacks and 2 shawl sacks. You can guess what comes next, especially once you know that somehow I have ended up with 4 shawls on the needles at the moment…
Shawl SackShawl SackStill haven’t run out of grey grunge but I’m getting there…

Shawl SackShawl Sack

In case you’re wondering about the different sizes here are 3 randomly selected bags to show you.
Knitting Sacks - all 3 sizes

The sweater sack there has 17 50g balls of yarn, about 4 pairs of circular needles and a pattern in it.

That’s 16 bags using up 14m of fabric in 19 days. As you can see I began to use whatever random cord or ribbon I had in my stash for the final bags as I’d used up all the white and black I bought. I think I’m done with this pattern, at least for now, no promises, but I’ve had my money’s worth from it. I do have a few other patterns I want to try though just because I can and they look useful. There’s a rectangular boxy bag that would be nice for smaller projects like hats and mits so I’ve got fabric out for two of those. Hopefully that won’t be quite such a slippery slope though and I will stop at that number! I think I have two other bags cut out from before my sewing room move too, I will have to find those and sew them together!

Now I’m going to go and knit some of the projects that are in the bags, I have some knitted FOs to show you but I’d like to get at least 2, if not 3 things off the needles this month, we shall see.


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