Feb FOs

I didn’t get as much done this month as I’d hoped. I did do a lot of PhD work which is probably a large part of why, especially as the combined return to typing a lot, sitting in a hard chair and knitting has given me a pain in my right forearm and elbow which I am worried might be the start of RSI. I have cut back a bit on the knitting (not as much as I probably should, but cutting back is hard!) in the hopes that it will ease up but I think I also need to return to doing some yoga to loosen everything up as my neck and shoulders are paying big time for the return to full days of computer work.

I am making good progress on things though so the FOs will keep on coming, especially as I’ve cast on some things for KALs which have end dates and I’d like to have something to show for taking part.

First up this month were my Pebbles socks which I knit one at a time on two circulars to get to grips with the method. I enjoy the two circulars but have moved on to two at a time on them which is even better, and I found that I also enjoy magic loop, which I’d always assumed I’d hate because of all the cord but I’m finding it great, again I’m doing two at a time. Anyway, the socks
Pebble Socks

The yarn is Maizy in Springtime and I used 2.25mm needles with 64 stitches and a Fish Lips Kiss heel. I bought this sock pattern as part of a collection. Had I bought the pattern on its own I would have been really annoyed at the cost as basically all I used was the pattern repeat. For beginners who are looking to learn about socks it’s probably a great pattern, and in the collection it works out really cheaply and the pattern repeats for the other 3 pairs are a little more involved.

Next up I finished off my Granito jumper. This was one of those that I liked the look of the one on the pattern so much that I found yarn in a similar colour! I used Drops Loves You 6 which is a recycled cotton sport weight (who besides Cricketers does sport in a jumper?). I like this yarn a lot and got lots for different projects as it’s about 80p a ball (no that’s not my typing gone mad, it really is mega cheap). I got another sweater’s worth of this shade too.


As you can see the yarn has a bit of texture to it which makes it a little more interesting than flatter yarns. This is after a trip through the washing machine as I figured it was going to be washed that way and I wanted to see if it would even out the gauge a bit better than soaking does (it did a little bit). The top is knit back and forth in an interesting and novel manner and you can tell that my gauge is very different for back and forth knitting than it is for in the round. On another project that swaps to back and forth after knitting in the round I have gone down .5mm in needle size and it seems to really help so I will bear that in mind for other patterns as swapping back and forth seems to be a thing in patterns at the moment.

I love the pockets, they’re nice and big so your phone doesn’t fall out when you move about. I have a pair of jeans that frustratingly have fake front pockets so pockets in the jumper is great with those! I also remembered, finally, that I have shorter arms than most patterns assume and knit less length so they fit perfectly. It was actually really lucky that I didn’t want the sleeves any longer as I went right down to the very end of the yarn on this. I was so worried I tried to buy more but couldn’t find the dyelot. In the end I weighed the yarn that was left and split it in two after doing all the other finishing so I knew how much I had for each sleeve and I had just enough.

I really like this jumper, it’s comfortable and plain but not completely boring. I am trying to remember that useful garments are as necessary as bright statement knits and this jumper will get worn to death, at which point I’ll probably just knit another one!

I also finished off another pair of socks, these were two at a time on two circulars. 2.5mm needles with 60 stitches and a Fish Lips Kiss heel using Vegan Yarn’s sock yarn, which is a cotton elastic mix, in the Ponyo self striping colourway.

Pastel Stripe Socks

I’d never seen self striping vegan sock yarn before which is why I bought this one that isn’t my usual colours (although saying that it’s not far off the Pebbles socks!). I’m not convinced about this yarn. It’s a bit too elastic for my liking, I don’t know how well it would take a pattern. I was hoping it would be like Panda Cotton but it’s more like a thinner version of Cascade Fixation. I have another skein in my stash so I’ll try to do something more interesting with that and see how it turns out but I’m not enamoured (which is fine as I could bankrupt myself on their other yarns so one less type to buy is good!).

I still have a ton of socks on the needles, far too many shawls and I cast on a jumper for Piggle with some yarn I found when I was sorting out the stash. I’m doing the Flax jumper and I have enough with a ball of contrast yarn that I bought to do a version for Jim too so that will clear out that yarn.

I’m going to be attending the Edinburgh Yarn Festival on the Saturday (I’ll be standing in line as being me I made the final decision right after they sold out of the pre-sale tickets). Give me a shout if you’re also attending as it’d be nice to say hello to people. I’m basically going for the people as looking at the vendor list there probably won’t be a lot of vegan yarn there (famous last words?!?) so I’ll be blogger and podcaster spotting!


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