Podcast Episode 3 “and that’s my phone…” – Show Notes

finallywakingup on Twitter and Instagram

Anna on Ravelry

Ani DiFranco Evolve

Most of my bags are the Sock Sack by Ramona Rose

Marilla Walker Roberts Collection Dungarees

Straight Stitch Designs Montlake Tee Pattern

Lemmy K by Isabell Kraemer – didn’t finish this but I mention it

S{tr}inging It Together Podcast Becky (Sopranoknits on Instagram)

Blue Waves by Irina Eberhardt

Klarabela on Etsy

Vegan Yarn in Canada

Water by Sylvia McFadden

Exploring the Woods by Melinda VerMeer

Wool Needles Hands Podcast

Argo Cardigan by Svetlana Volkova

Flex by Heidi Kirrmaier

Susan Crawford’s Website

Knit Shop UK

Skein Game Podcast on YouTube

Dubro by Michiyo

Cesaria Top by Irina Anikeeva

Drops Loves You No. 6 in Sea Green

The Lonely Tree Shawl by Sylvia McFadden

Pennae Shawl by Hiary Smith Callis

Midwinter Yarns 

Eowyn Socks by Christabell Seneque

Yarntopia Treasures Etsy shop

Cancer posts on my blog (WordPress lists them in reverse order)

Rachael Herron’s website

The Invisible Library series by Genevieve Cogman

Biffy Clyro on YouTube

Zombies Run 5k (on iTunes and Google Play)

Yoga with Adriene, Lesley Fightmaster and Yoga TX all on YouTube

Atkinson Designs Sock Sack Tutorial

Lana Grossa Solo Cotone Print in the Lana Grossa online shop

Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist

Ready for Fall by Isabell Kraemer

Drops Cotton Light in Grey (30) and Khaki (12)

Tanis Fiber Arts on YouTube

Dunkelgrun on YouTube

Babble’s Travelling Yarns Podcast

Simply Stashless Podcast

The Mermaid’s Purse Co on Etsy

The Doodler by Stephen West

Done! Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions of topics you’d like me to talk about. See you in a fortnight!


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