Shawltastic March

I got more done in March than it felt like, which is often the way. It seems like when you’re making progress you feel like you should be making even more progress, weird brain. So, onwards with the FOs.

First up, just in time for Spring, was the last pair of winter pyjamas for Jim.

Burda 9747

I used my new Burda 9747 pattern and the sizing was very good. I should have put an extra button on the shirt but I had 3 of that kind so I used what I had. The fabric is a brushed cotton from Abakhan when I was living in Liverpool so it’s very old, nice to use it up. Despite Jim saying that he didn’t like the fabric when I showed it to him aeons ago, he loves the finished pyjamas and wears them as soon as they come out of the wash. Luckily it’s not too warm for them yet so he should get some use from them and they’re big enough that he should get to wear them at least at the start of next winter.

Next up was yet more knitting bags using the same Sock Sack pattern. This is another sock sized bag using a canvas fabric that I’ve no idea where I got and more Oakshot for the lining.

Sock SackSock Sack

I tried so hard to get those dolls the right way up on the tab to no avail!

And this is another sock sized bag using one of my all time favourite fabrics with more Oakshot for the lining.

Sock Sack Sock Sack

Again with the upside down tabs, if I’d have thought about it less I’d probably have gotten it right by mistake!

Of course I immediately filled these bags with socks that were already on the needles (I ripped back a sock that I’d made a mistake on and started the pair two at a time instead) and a new cast on. I’m not immediately filling sock bags as soon as they’re empty but it’s nice to have a bag to put them in when the urge does strike!

I finished off a Knit Along project, I think this is the first time I’ve specifically made something for one and actually entered it. This was for the Skein Game podcast, Chantal very kindly said that if I won she had cotton she could send as a prize rather than wool. Sadly, I didn’t win but I do have a this rather bright dishcloth to show for it and that was fun to make.

Turkish Tiles DishclothThe pattern is Turkish Tiles Dishcloth which is free on Ravelry. It was really quick to knit and used up two balls of my dishcloth cotton stash.  It’s a slip stitch pattern that looks a lot more complicated than it is.

More socks off the needles, these are the My Cup of Tea socks, again a free Ravelry pattern.

My Cup of Tea SocksI used up more of my Yarntopia Treasures bamboo cotton sock yarn stash (I still have about 8 balls to go, it’s discontinued now) in the colourway November which I’d used on a different base yarn for a shawl not long ago. I knit these two at a time magic loop and only did 10 rows or ribbing at the top as I don’t have the patience for ribbing at the moment and just want to get it out of the way! I love these socks and this colourway. I’m not sure the pattern shows up that well (it’s designed to just be on the front, I didn’t alter the pattern) but I enjoyed making them so it doesn’t really matter.

When I was sorting my stash into its new space I found some King Cole Big Value Aran that it turns out is almost enough to make both boys a Flax sweater. I started with Piggle’s in the XS size as his measurements were actually larger than the 10-year-old size despite him not being all that large.

Headless child photo!
FlaxI used just under 3 balls of the yarn and I’ve bought a ball of red Aran to do the ribbing and maybe a stripe depending on how it goes for Jim’s version. I won’t do the garter on the sleeves for Jim’s either. Piggle is very happy with it. I like it, although I think it could do with a little more shaping around the neckline, but it’s a simple ‘first sweater’ pattern so there aren’t any short rows. Who’d have thought I would ever suggest short rows though as I really don’t like them, especially in the middle of rows for garments in the round.

When I was failing at not buying yarn earlier in the year I bought yarn for the Organised Chaos shawl. I wasn’t very well at the time and thought I was ordering a bamboo cotton mix made by Nurturing Fibers, but instead I ordered organic cotton so it doesn’t have the drape that I had hoped for. Organised Chaos ShawlOrganised Chaos ShawlOrganised Chaos Shawl

I like it, with reservations. First, the yarn was washed with something that has quite a strong scent so it gave me a headache when I was knitting it and I can’t wear it yet, even after a good soak, as it still smells too strongly for me. Secondly, I don’t think I did a good job picking out the colours. Each end works well, but I’m not sure they go together. We’ll see how much wear it gets, it was a nice knit as it kept changing and enjoyable knitting time is never a waste!

Next up was another KAL project, this time for the S{tr}inging It Together podcast. This one wasn’t actually entered though as the prize is wool. The KAL was to use European yarn and mine came from Klarabela on Etsy and is Organic Bamboo dyed in Sweden.

Blue Waves ShawlUntitledBlue Waves ShawlThe pattern is the Blue Waves Shawl and I used the colourways Grace and Mountain River. I had bought this yarn to make something different but the way that pattern was written induced such high levels of rage in me that I ripped it out and started this which was much easier and fun. I’m into the simple knits at the moment and this took 13 days to make and was soothing. I changed the bottom as I didn’t have enough yarn. Rather than doing several repeats of the lace in each colour I did just the two in the lighter colourway with 4 rows of garter between and the cast off in the blue. I used up almost every yard of the yarn and I’m really happy with this, it’s so soft and squishy and I love  the stripes. It’s a pattern I’ll keep in mind in the future to use again I’m sure.

Final shawl of the month was Water by Sylvia McFadden. Another garter shawl but this time with short row lace inserts which was interesting to knit.

Water ShawlWater ShawlWater ShawlWater Shawl
The colour of this shawl does not photograph well, it’s a really deep dark blue with the purple and light blue bits in it. The last photo shows the variegation but in the wrong colours! I used Vegan Yarn Albireo Fingering which is an incredibly soft cotton bamboo mix. I would love a sweater from this but at CAD$30 a skein that won’t happen, this was a real treat yarn for me. I used 1.5 skeins of the Ubaba colourway, I have plans for a hat with the rest. I used a lot less than the pattern called for which is annoying as I bought it specifically for this pattern but good in that I get to make something else from it.

So that was my making March posted in the middle of April! I’ve decided that going to do more drive-by blogging and throw up things with smaller bits of text as I finish them rather than saving them up to the point where it  becomes a huge task to get it done. So expect some shorter but more regular posts in the future!

Happy Easter!


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