I May Need a Bag Intervention

I finished another pair of socks, plain 60 stitches on 2.5mm needles knit magic loop. The yarn is Lana Grossa Solo Cotone. I really like the yarn, it knits up well and it lovely to wear, I’m not as impressed with the colours of this one though. I think that the lightest stripe should have been more grey rather than the dirty looking off-white that it is.

Lana Grossa Stripey Socks

The gauge is a little funny on these and it took me a while to figure out why. It seems that the second sock each time was sliding a little. I need to make sure that the first sock on each round is supported well so it doesn’t weigh down the needle so much, not a hard fix and I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

And more knitting bags. As the title says I may need an intervention here… I made another shawl bag to begin with as I was awaiting my order from Vegan Yarn and knew that I wanted to cast on right away for a Pure Joy shawl when it and the needles I ordered for it arrived. Turned out that I ended up using the shawl as motivation to finish off a hard university assignment, I wound the yarn when I was halfway and then started knitting as soon as I had submitted it, have to use whatever carrots you can find!

Shawl BagShawl Bag

I love this happy ghost fabric and how it combines with the pinks. As is usually the way, I finished another shawl a few days later (I need to block it before I show it off) meaning I had an empty shawl bag I could have used…

Whilst digging around for fabric for the shawl bag I came across two fat quarters of this New York print that I love and whipped up another sweater bag for a project that was waiting to begin. I’ve still not cast on for it, but it’s cosy in the bag ready to go when I am.

Sweater BagSweater Bag

This may be one of my favourites to date, I love both these prints.

Next up on the sewing pile is curtains, I’ve been putting them off for far too long and they won’t take long once I get going, it’s just the starting of such a dull job that’s hard. They may be blocking my sewing mojo though so I need to get them done so I can see what I feel like sewing next. Plenty of summer pyjama fabric ready to go plus most of the stack of things I cut out before my second operation. If I don’t fancy that it’s not like I don’t have patterns and fabric to choose from!


3 thoughts on “I May Need a Bag Intervention

  1. I love all your bags and feeling inspired to make some myself (although I can’t see it happening with my toddler around.
    Also love the stripes on the socks- will have to look out for that yarn. I only have a couple of pairs of hand knitted cotton socks and could do with some more as they’re useful at this time of year.

  2. I definitely know what you mean…I have way too many bags…and I’m bad to leave the tail ends of projects in them…and then I can’t find…say…my #3 needles…

    …I love the striped socks!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. marianne nelson says:

    I enjoy your podcast and have a question. I understand that your are vegan and most of the reasons you are. What I am curious about your not using wool. A sheep needs to sheared each year and do that is not cruel ( in my opinion). I am not a yarn snob. You can look at my stash anytime. I even use thrift store finds. I hope you understand this is no way a criticism, just curious.. Good luck with your Phd. My son just got his at age 39 and can’t find a job in his field here in the US and is now back in school getting a degree in nursing.

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