Breaking Even in May

As you might remember I keep a log of how much fabric I bring into my house and how much I use each month. The goal is to use more than I buy, something I failed at horribly last year so the desire to reduce a bit this year (along with the fact that I will have to move the stash to a new house in the summer) has meant that I’ve cut right back on the buying and have just been allowing myself one Flat Rate Envelope along with my Simply Solids Stash Club bundle each month. This strategy has worked well, not only for paying enough off the credit card to afford to pay some movers to transport the stash and the rest of our possessions to wherever we end up but that in May I broke even in the buying/using stakes which bodes well for the rest of the year and the reduction of my rather large stash!

So, here are the early June projects that are moving the fabric used balance further into the lead.

014The matchy matchy dinosaur pyjamas for the 10 year old. The boys were so excited about matching pyjamas that they wore them the same night I finished these and every time one pulls out the dino pjs the other one does too! As per usual these were Kwik Sew 1557 and I widened the legs on this pair. I almost had a cutting disaster as the trousers are a single pattern piece and when you get to this size it’s so big you have to cut it with the fabric open rather than folded. As this was a directional print I had to cut the fabric and turn it, after I’d made the first cut along one side of the leg I realised I’d not remembered to flip the second bit of fabric and I was going to end up with 2 legs for the same side, close call! This is the last pair of the summer pjs, I already have a plan for winter as I had to dig through the stash to find the summer fabric, hopefully the winter collection will make a bit of a dent on some fabrics I’ve had for ages.


In 2008 I made a dress with a Vogue pattern that has sat in my wardrobe or in storage ever since. I’m really not sure where I thought I was going to wear it or who I thought I was that I needed a dress like that but for some reason I never gave it to the charity shop. I was having another round of ‘do I really need to move this again’ filling bags to give away and I came across the dress again. I went to put it in the bag this time and realised that it was the fabric that I loved so I took it into the sewing room to see if I could do something with it. I used the Grainline Scout T-shirt pattern and it came out really well I think. I placed the pattern piece on the finished hem of the dress (which I’d sewn by hand, I never do that!) and cut my usual size. I didn’t have enough fabric to do the facing so I used some fold over elastic around the neck which I think came out quite well. I didn’t actually count this fabric as being ‘used’ this year as I’d counted it in a previous year but I’m really happy to have something made from this print that I can wear and it’s nice to know that the pattern works for knits as well as for wovens.

011I bought this charm pack a while back and knew what I wanted to use it for. Once I was fed up of knocking it on the floor all the time I finally got around to making the cover for my overlocker. I really don’t have  good grasp of how much fabric you get in a charm pack (like with the previous quilt) and I thought that this pack would give me enough to make covers for my overlocker and sewing machine, whereas this cover actually used all but 2 of the squares from one pack…


I found the plastic dust cover stuffed away in my sewing room and ripped it along the heat sealed seams to make the pattern for this cover. I added some length as I noticed that the plastic one didn’t reach the table. I sewed together the squares and then quilted it before using the ‘pattern’ to cut out the cover.


I used stippling for the quilting as I wanted to practice it on a larger piece and I’m happy with how it came out. The backing/lining is Free Spirit in Grape, I have no idea why I bought 2 yards of dark purple fabric as I don’t use purple so this was a good way to use it up. For the bobbin I used Jeans Stitch thread in Jewels, I have tons of this thread left from my nappy making days and figured I should start trying to use it rather than it sitting there any longer. It didn’t do much for the tension in my machine, I tried moving all the different dials up and down separately and together and nothing worked, but as it’s the inside I’m not too fussed, the lines still look cool in the variegated thread. The thread for all the rest of this was Aurifil white in 50 for the sewing and 40 for the quilting. I used french seams for the cover (there were only 4 seams in it) for a neat finish inside.


I think the binding is perfect and I will use the same for my sewing machine cover once I figure out which fabric I want to use for that. This project took most of a sewing day working on it on and off and I’m really happy that it’s done and love the way it came out, it makes my sewing room a bit brighter.

Finally, a not sewing project, I had a bout of ‘I want to knit this and I want to knit it NOW’ with the Bolting pattern. I had some lovely Motomo Laceweight Cotton that I bought a really long time ago. I had been planning on using it for a cardigan but I figure that after four or five years of thinking that if I hadn’t actually done it then there wasn’t much of a chance of it actually happening so I used the yarn for this instead. The colourway is called Thunderstorm and it’s a lovely mix of heather like purple with some brown, green and blue shades in there.


The pattern is written for much thicker yarn so it must be HUGE if done that way. I used 3.75mm needles due to the thinness of my yarn and I think the gauge came out well for it.


Most of this was knit during my obsessive flash with the programme Nashville, it’s all stocking stitch so pretty mindless, the rows are mega long near the end which makes for good tv knitting.


I’m really happy with the way it came out, although I’m not sure quite how to wear it with it being so large. I’m sure I’ll figure something out though.

Still got what feels like hundreds of things on the go and hundreds more planned so hopefully I’ll have something more to show you soon.


For the Boys


The ‘summer’ pyjama sewing continues, if only we could have some weather to compliment these it would be great… We had about a week of warm evenings and we’re now back to cold nights, it’s gone well past dull and boring now. This is the fabric I bought for Piggle at the Knitting and Stitching Show last year. It was really wide and £8 p/m so I only bought one metre of it hoping it would be enough. It took some very creative cutting and some plain white fabric for the facings to get this short-sleeved version out of the fabric, that boy is getting big now. I didn’t widen the legs on these due to lack of fabric but they look ok on the leggy soon to be 6-year-old.


Final pair for Piggle using fabric from Fabricland in Brighton. I’ve got the same in a different colourway to use for Jim this summer too, once again they picked to have ‘matching’ pyjamas, I keep thinking they’ll grow out of that soon but am always glad to find out they haven’t! The pattern for these pairs is the usual Kwik Sew 1556, I think there’s one more size left before he moves on from it.


This is Tama by Kelly Brooker. I went to buy the larger sized pattern for the cardigan I made for my nephew and discovered that there was an Ebook for not much more that had this jumper pattern in it too. I have had this CottonEase for god knows how long and was planning on doing a jumper for Piggle with it anyway, this pattern just finally motivated me to use it up! I made the 6-year-old size for him (the largest on the pattern) and made sure that there was enough length in the sleeves and body for him to wear it for a good long while. It looks like there’s a pattern on the yoke but really it’s just that it’s knit back and forth and my gauge when I purl is looser and messier than when I knit in the round. It will even out a bit with washing (I couldn’t be bothered to block a kids jumper) but I wish I could figure out a way to make it less obvious as there are so many patterns now that have some parts knit back and forth and some in the round. Anyway, Piggle likes it, I like it and I can finally tick a jumper for him off my list and get rid of the last bits of this yarn to the charity shop.


Jim only needs two pairs of pyjamas this summer and these are the first of them. Again there was some creative cutting on these as I didn’t have as much fabric as the pattern called for, I need to start buying 3m for him instead of 2.5 as I have been. There’s some mirroring across the front of the shirt which is a little annoying but nothing a 10-year-old boy would notice. The pattern is Kwik Sew 1557 and I moved up to the 10-year-old size for him.

A while back I saw on a blog that someone had sewn on buttons in a fun arrow way, I’ve wanted to do it ever since but haven’t used buttons with four holes until now.


It’s not actually that clear in the photos but Jim and I find it amusing so that’s ok.

The pyjamas using the dinosaur print are going to be a cutting nightmare as it’s a directional print so I’m putting off working on those for a bit, I’ll get them done eventually.

Next up hopefully is a finished quilt. I’m doing the actual quilting at the moment so as long as I get on with it it should be done during half term, then I can move onto something else, this one feels like it’s been on the go forever for some reason!

Bobbing Along*

I feel like I’ve not achieved that much with my crafty stuff, but when I have time to put it down here I feel a little better as it does seem like I’m making some sort of progress, even if it’s slow!

Meet Dipley Veg, as he’s been christened:


Jim turned 10 last week (I know, 10, I’m still wondering where 10 years of my life went, maybe I should read back on the blog as I started it when he was 15 months old!) and I made him the dinosaur that I bought the booklet and yarn for at the Knitting and Stitching Show. He’s a Diplodocus and turned out to be a pretty large chap.


He has the sweetest feet though.


The pattern is from Patons booklet 3847 and uses Fab DK. It was easy to follow the pattern but very lacking in detail when it came to construction, ‘attach legs’ doesn’t really tell you a lot does it?  It took me a while day to sew him together and get him stuffed. The pattern suggests wrapping florists wire with pipe cleaners and inserting them into the neck, tail and legs. Personally I know my boys well enough to understand that at some point this Diplodocus will become a weapon with which to attempt to inflict harm on each other so wire of any sort no matter what it’s wrapped with was out of the question. I just stuffed it really firmly and it seems fine, the neck and tail can be bent into different positions and it stands up well on its own. I’m now working on a Triceratops for Piggle’s birthday in June, it has many more pieces to knit and eventually attach so I intend to make sure I get on with it so I’m not attaching horns at midnight the night before!

I haven’t done much sewing recently. I had an accident with my rotary cutter a fortnight ago and ended up in the Minor Injuries Unit. I’m still not sure whether it was good or bad that I’d changed the blade the week before, I guess at least it was a clean cut… Anyway, I need to cut the sashing for my Chicopee quilt but I’ve been a little worried about cutting (injury was down to pure clumsiness, caught the edge of the ruler and went off at a random angle rather than managing to run the blade down the side of it), plus I’m worried that I did my quilt math wrongly and I won’t have enough fabric. I just need to woman-up and get on with it really.

I did manage to get started on the summer pyjamas though which made Piggle very happy as he’s been asking about these since the fabric landed here almost a year ago!


The bottoms are Kwik Sew 1556 and the t-shirt is Kwik Sew Sewing for Children, Piggle is officially too big for the Toddler’s book now, sob… I had to go up a size again as he’s growing like a weed. I’ve got another 2 pairs planned for him and 2 pairs for Jim who hasn’t grown quite as much as his brother and can still wear a few pairs from last year.  Looking at my fabric I’ve hardly got any flannel for next winter, but I do have a ton of knits so I’m thinking it will be a knit year to stash bust some of that.

And finally, some socks. I finished of last year really well with getting everything off the needles and the promptly cast on for everything in sight right afterwards… I am now trying to get the number of projects down again and finishing these off is at least one thing less.


These are Nemesis from Knitty and I used Yarntopia Treasures Bamboo Cotton in Lemons and Limes on 2.5mm needles. This pattern was lovely, so easy to follow, and I love a sock pattern with a long chart, only 3.5 repeats of it and the socks are done, fabulous! The pattern looks a lot more complicated than it is which is always nice. I love the colours of this yarn so these were a joy to make and took just over a month.

Next up to get off the WIP list is a jumper for Piggle which will be the fastest thing to get done as he’s so small. I’m 2/3 of the way down the body and then I just have to knit the sleeves in the round and it’s done. I found some buttons for it today so hopefully it should be done within a couple of weeks.

Back as soon as I have something to show you!

*Hopefully I now have everyone of my generation channelling Angela Lansbury and singing the song from Bedknobs and Broomsticks…

A Bit of Sewing

I did quite a lot of sewing last month, and I made a good dent in the balance between fabric bought and fabric used.  My favourite activity at the moment seems to be filling shopping baskets in online fabric shops and then leaving quickly before I enter my card details.  The odd one is still getting through here and there but I’m a lot more restrained than I was last month!

So, I finished up the pyjamas for the boys, these are for Jim using Kwik Sew 1557 and flannel from the Color Me Flannel co-op group on Yahoogroups.

The sharks are pretty big on the fabric which made placement a little difficult but I think I did ok with them!

Next up were the final pairs using the same pattern for Jim and 1556 for Piggle.  The boys still like having matching things, I’m sure in the next few years Jim will refuse to be seen in anything his brother would wear!  Flannel came from the same co-op.

When cutting out the trousers for Jim I remembered to put the fabric back to back so I didn’t end up with 2 legs of the same side but totally forgot that I had decided to cut this as a directional print so one of the legs on his pyjamas are ‘upside down’, but I don’t think anyone will notice unless I point it out to them (his are under Piggle’s in this picture so you can’t see either!).  I had to buy buttons for these as I didn’t have anything suitable, my Mother actually chose them, they’re clear and a little chunky and I think they look great.

I’ve had this Summer Reading Library Bag tutorial from Sew Mama Sew bookmarked for ages.  I can only think that someone else linked to it as I don’t read that blog!  Anyway, I was sorting my bookmarks and printed it out.  Later on I was ordering another quilting ruler from Cotton Patch and saw that they did duck cloth so I let the boys pick a print each and bought the fabric for them.

The pattern has an apple on the front to match the fabric but the boys wanted their initial on them.  I played around in Word with fonts until I found one I liked and then went up and up in font size until I got it large enough.  I actually loved the typewriter font the most but it was too thin and would have been a right pain to sew around so I went with this fatter font.  I ironed the fabric onto the fusible web I’ve been using for years now (you iron it onto fabric, pull off the backing and iron that onto something else, very handy), cut out the paper letter and then pinned it onto the fabric and cut around it.  After ironing it onto the bag I machine stitched around the edge of it.  I’m so happy with the way the letters came out, however, the pattern tells you how far over to put your apple/letter from the edge but not how far from the bottom so when it came to sew the corners to make the bottom of the bag square I had to sew at one inch rather than one and a half otherwise I would have sewn the bottom of the letters in.

The bags have a pocket on the strap to hold the library card and I found some great buttons in the button box to go with the fabrics they picked.  The only real mistake I made was whilst cutting the fabric for the first bag.  I should have cut the strap lining first rather than the square pieces as I had to piece the strap lining together on the above bag.  The fabric is so bright you can’t see it but it was a stupid mistake!  Also, the pattern calls for half a yard of patterned fabric and I have tons left over from each, you only need the width for the strap lining.

I love this duck cloth, it’s not cheap but it was really nice to work with.  I washed it first as with kids they’re going to get them dirty at some point and I didn’t want shrinkage.  It was a right pain to iron it flat afterwards but well worth it I think.  The bags also have french seams which was funny to sew on such thick fabric but gives it a lovely finish.  In fact the finish on this bag is really good all around, very well planned by the designer.

There is a front pocket on the bag for storing lists or reading scheme info or just another book or two.  The bag is big enough for the larger books that Piggle gets and holds 5 ‘chapter’ books and a book on CD for Jim.

Overall I’m really chuffed with these, sometimes things don’t turn out how you hope and I made these totally on a whim but we all love them and it’s made keeping track of library books easier as the bags hang on the bedroom door handle and the boys put the books in them when they’re done with them.

Another bit of recent sewing for the boys are some long sleeve t-shirts for Piggle as he’s grown out of most of the ones he’s got.  I used the Minikrea 50220 pattern.  I had traced the 4 year old size for him but when I held it up to him it was going to be too small (he does have long arms and a long torso for his age) so I traced the 6 instead and it fits him very well in that ‘I’ll grow into this soon and it’ll fit me perfectly for about two weeks and then look too small’ ways that kids clothes seem to fit!

I finished up the stripes and bugs fabric finally, used most of the helicopters but still have tons of the emergency vehicle fabric left, I’ve no idea how much I bought but I seem to have been using it for years!

These t-shirts have the cuffs and collar bound with ribbing which took a little getting used to, it was hard to catch the ribbing sometimes but I got there in the end and I like the way it looks.

I’ve made a sweatshirt for Jim too but the sleeves have come out far too long for him so when I have better use of my hand I need to go back and shorten them so he can actually use his hands whilst wearing it.  I’ve got a couple of other things still to show too, back soon!

Getting It Out the Door

First up last week’s FO, a shirt using Simplicity 8523.  The fabric is from my recent Abakhan haul, I ordered 3 metres and it came as a two metre cut and a one metre cut.  For some reason I just really wanted to use the fabric right away so I looked through my patterns and came up with a simple shape for it (it’s really slippy synthetic, not what I usually sew).

This fabric frayed more than any fabric I can remember working with.  At one point, turning it right side out to press a seam I somehow managed to rip the seam, the fabric just gave way.  I used french seams as it’s quite see-through and overlocking would have showed through.

I was glad in the end that this was a simple pattern as I found the fabric really hard work, it took a lot longer to make this than it would have done a cotton version.  As you can see from the picture it’s too tight around the hips for me at the moment.  It was supposed to have side vents but I’m not a fan and I also couldn’t figure out how to do them with the french seams.  Apparently they’re worked into the fit of the garment rather than being for looks, but it will fit one day.

It’s been hanging on the dressform in the hall for a week and I still can’t decide if the fabric is great or something my 99 year old Grandmother would wear though…

On the way to bed Friday evening I stopped off in the sewing room to see if I could decide what I wanted to make over the weekend and get anything ready for it.  Each time I open the door I’m faced with this

and I thought to myself ‘shit, that’s a lot of fabric’….

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not ashamed of my stash, nor do I usually feel that it’s too big.  I’ve been collecting fabric for about 8 years now and it’s all been bought very cheaply, I still go by the rule that if I can’t make it cheaper than I could buy it I won’t do it.  What’s getting to me, I think, is that I’ve bought an awful lot of fabric recently and since the new electric heating has been installed (you can see the thingy in the right of the picture) I can’t put my stash neatly in the alcove any more.  This means that it’s very precariously stacked and every time I go looking for something there is an avalanche and it ends up piled up even more messily.  Combined with this recent buying is the fact that I’ve not been sewing a lot so my ‘try to sew more than I buy’ strategy isn’t anywhere near working at the moment (I don’t mind if I break even as long as the stash doesn’t grow and grow and really become too large to deal with).  I know I have just under 6 months to bring it back into balance and I’m pretty sure I can do it, but right now things are looking a little grim and I really need to see some progress.

The best and quickest way to make progress is pyjamas.  I had a good look at how the boy’s pyjamas are fitting them and made the relevant decisions on which sizes I needed to make and then got to work.

These two pairs are for Piggle.  I used Kwik Sew 1556.  I really like this collarless version, it looks really neat I think and does away with having to fiddle about fitting a collar on a small shirt. This flannel came from a fabric Co-op and the buttons are from my button box.

After those I did a pair for Jim

The bottoms of these are Kwik Sew 1557 (the larger sized patter identical to 1556) and the top is Kwik Sew Sewing for Children.  I did want to do a red or yellow top with the opposite colour cuffs and neckband but it seems I have used up both of those colours so I used the light grey that I found whilst looking for those colours in the stash.

I’ve got another pair of the collarless ones cut out and overlocked for Jim and then there is one final pair for each of them using robots flannel that they both picked out and love.  So this weekend I’ve managed to get six and a half yards of fabric out of the stash and the other three pairs will get another seven out.  I’m going to work on my quilt next weekend when the boys are with their Dad, the last of my supplies for it should be arriving in the post this week and I’m quite excited to have a go with quilting and get it finished.  That project alone will get another 10 yards out of the stash which will feel like real progress.

After that I just need to keep going and keep making things (and stop buying for a while!), I have plenty of ideas it’s just the time and the motivation that are sometimes lacking!

Catch Up

So, as I said, I’ve not really been feeling like sewing for a while now (well, just over a month but for me that’s a long while!).  I keep going in the sewing room and looking at things, matching fabric with patterns, cutting patterns, actually cutting fabric from time to time, but not really feeling like doing the actual sewing.  I was working on a dress very very slowly and then I lost part of the facing (my room is teeny tiny and it’s stupid how often I misplace stuff in there, I’ve lost two seam rippers recently).  Without the facing I couldn’t carry on (the pattern piece was attached to it so I couldn’t cut another one) so that got thrown aside and more projects were planned but nothing worked on.  I did finish off the shirt I started before the death of the iron (and so far I love my new iron) but I haven’t uploaded those pictures yet so until then I will show you what I do have pictures of on my computer!

I had this fabric out for something else but decided at the very last second to make another Simplicity 2147 from it.  Again this has french seams and will require a tank top to be worn under it, but as it appears we aren’t getting Spring here in the UK let along any hint of summer approaching that will be fine.  The neck of this design is really wide, pattern companies assume that larger women have line backer shoulders obviously.  If I use this pattern for a fabric that doesn’t require a tank top under it I will make sure to narrow it by at least an inch each side.  I really like this pattern though and I have loved this fabric since I bought it (over 5 years ago) so it’s nice to have it hanging in my wardrobe instead of in the stash.

Another pair of pjs for Jim.  I messed up the sleeve length of these.  I didn’t have enough fabric for full length so decided to do short sleeves but rather than doing anything sensible like measuring or comparing a short-sleeved pattern to what I was doing I just randomly cut and ended up with elbow length sleeves.  Jim apparently likes them as he won’t let me change them so I have to face my error over and over again.  This was Kwik Sew Sewing for Children trousers and Simplicity 2134 top.  I’m done with the Simplicity pattern, I just don’t get along with it at all and I managed to locate the next size up in my favourite Kwik Sew Pattern (1556 is the smaller sizes, 1557 the larger) so I will make the final summer pair using that and probably throw this pattern into the bag for the charity shop.

Finally for today another Lisette pattern.  This pattern has convinced me that Lisette patterns are sized differently from the measurements on the pattern envelope for the larger sizes.  I always double-check the finished measurements of garments to decide how I want something to fit rather than going with just the size and almost all the Lisette patterns I have made to date have come up smaller than the pattern says they will.  This should have fit me with several inches ease and instead it is like a sausage casing.  I haven’t read anyone else complaining about this which is why I’m assuming it’s the larger sizes that have the issues as I’ve not seen any of the Bloggers I follow who are a similar size to me making these patterns.

Anyway, this is Simplicity 1878 and it is supposed to be a mini-dress.  As I would not be caught dead in a dress that short and didn’t have enough fabric for the longer version I took 6″ off the bottom of the pattern and made a tunic instead.  The only other change I made to the pattern was to not do a lapped zip as I have terrible luck with those, I think my invisible zip came out fine and it certainly required less swearing.

I like the style of this and the shaping, it’s very similar to many of the vintage tunic patterns I’ve used.  I seem to have a thing for necklines like this too even though I hate sewing the damn things, getting into the dot evenly on both sides can be a real pain but this one came out really well.

This picture also shows the seamlines and top stitching on the front which are a little lost in this fabric, I probably should have gone with a green thread rather than the white if I’d been concerned with really making it stand out.

So, that was my sewing up until the start of April.  I have knitted FOs to show as well, I don’t seem to have lost my knitting mojo which is good.  In fact I have been feeling a real urge to pick up speed and get some of the large number of garments I have yarn stashed for actually made.  It’s nice to be finishing something that’s for sure!

Lisette and Pyjamas

The first FO I have to show you I actually started before Christmas and finally finished at the start of this month.  I’ve said it before, it’s really rare for me to have a sewing UFO, knitting hell yes, but with sewing once I get going on something I normally see it through to the end.  The reason I didn’t finish these Lisette Simplicity 2245 trousers off is that when I’d sewn the legs together and tried them on they didn’t fit me which was annoying as according to the sizes on the pattern they should have done.  Does anyone else have issues with Lisette sizings?  I made a tunic that should have fit according to the pattern measurements but still doesn’t.

Anyway, I got around to getting these done, they still don’t fit but as I’m slowly shrinking they should do soon.  They are unhemmed as I won’t know where I need to hem them until I can actually wear them.

I didn’t add as many buttons to the tabs as the pattern called for as I want them to function as belt loops, for the same reason I added another two at the back.  This fabric is very odd, it’s almost like a mock moleskin.  It’s really soft but I’m sure it’s going to pick up cat fur and dust like no-one’s business.  Anyway, hopefully I will get to hem these soon and take them for a spin.

Out comes Kwik Sew 1556 again, I only used the larger sizes for Jim but I’m making up for that by using all the smaller ones for Piggle now.

I bought this fabric for Jim when he was about Piggle’s age but never got around to using it.  That’s the good thing about having 2 boys, I get to have a second pass through my fabric stash to use up all the shorter pieces or younger prints for the second one so they don’t go to waste!  The only change I make to this pattern is to cut the sleeves as one piece rather than doing the cuff for them.  This size is still a little too big to get away with for Piggle but he is still fitting into last year’s pyjamas at the moment so once they get to short we’ll have the next size all ready to go.

Something I love is finally using  up a piece of fabric I’ve had for longer than I can remember.  This particular cotton has been out over and over again as I’ve tried to match it with patterns and it finally found one that worked, Simplicity 2059.  I have to admit that until I saw this blouse made up by another blogger (wish I could remember who it was ) I’d completely ignored it on the pattern as it looked so plain and dull.  I’m glad to say that it’s a lot more interesting made up and I’m looking forward to wearing this one when the weather is a little bit warmer (I don’t think I have a cardigan besides the black one I live in that would go with this and it would be a shame to hide the back).

The back gathered section is a little hard to see in this picture so I took a blurry close-up for your viewing pleasure…

This went together really easily and quickly, the only problem I had was when I ran out of thread with only the sleeves to attach and the hem to do but I was saved by my Mother delivering some more to my door.  I added two inches in length to this and I’m really glad that I did as it would have been too short for me otherwise.  That’s actually saying something as I am quite short in the body so make sure that you check the length of this before you make it (I’m not a fan of waist-length anything).

So, onwards to more pyjamas, this time for Jim from Simplicity 3124.

He has these on now and looks like he may have just escaped from clown prison…  I was disappointed to see that the shirt isn’t going to last long on him, he appears to be long-bodied at the moment.  I will need to remember to do a smaller hem on the pair that I’ve already cut out to sew next and to lengthen the third and final pair when I make them.

And last but not least the last of Piggle’s summer pyjamas.

This is another piece of fabric that I bought specifically for Jim when he was little.  When he went from babygros to ‘big boy’ vests I ironed on appliques to the front of them all (was lazy with Piggle and never got around to it, opps) and one of the designs I used was of these ‘dancing dudes’ as we used to call them.  I snapped up this fabric when I saw it on a co-op but his tastes changed and I ended up using other prints for him.  I was going to foist it upon him this year, maybe for shorts and a short sleeve shirt as it was only 2 yards, but when Piggle saw it he got very excited and said he wanted it so he got it.  This is Kwik Sew 1556 again and now that these are done it’s been put away for a few months before I need to pull it out for new winter pyjamas.

I was thinking today that it’s funny that I’m not incredibly bored with pyjamas yet.  Adding together the years I’ve been making them for the boys I have now sewn about 11 years worth and I intend to keep going for as long as they will let me.  I’ve already started keeping an eye out for older boy’s fabric for Jim as he won’t want to wear cartoons or animal prints forever and things like stripes and stars will be used instead.  Some years I do try different styles and patterns but this is relaxing sewing for me, I can sew 2 pairs in a day (and have time to work on something else if it’s a full day I’ve got available).  I feel the same way about t-shirts for the boys and I can’t wait for the new MiniKrea pattern I ordered to arrive so I can get tracing and cutting and fill up the boy’s drawers with some new fun print t-shirts for the summer.  I do love sewing new patterns too and trying out new things for myself and the boys but it’s the repetition, the memory of what I made with the pattern for Jim that I’m now using for Piggle and the fact that they both get really excited about their new pyjamas and want to wear them right away that keeps me going back.  Remind me of this when I’m swearing my way through the next 2 pairs required for summer won’t you?!?